Halloween Party Appetizers ~ These Halloween appetizers are as creative as the costumes you will seen on the spooky night {and they are kid approved} 👻 … these sweet and savory Halloween party food ideas include mummy-wrapped finger food and monstrous cheese balls just to name a few!

Nothing says fall like a plate of mini pumpkins! Made with spiced pumpkin bread and decadent cream cheese frosting, these party treats taste as good as they look. If you’ve got a steady hand, spook up these Halloween snacks by turning them into jack-o’-lanterns. Recipe

Wrap a legion of scary mummies for a Halloween dinner or party appetizer. To make, skewer a purchased meatball and a 4-inch piece of summer sausage stick with a 6-inch wooden skewer. Combine 8 ounces cream cheese and 1 teaspoon purchased pesto. Spread some of the mixture over the meat skewer and wrap with cooked fettuccine noodles. For a more bulky body, spread with additional cream cheese mixture and wrap with another layer of cooked fettuccine. Add capers for eyes. Serve with pasta sauce for dipping, and these Halloween finger foods will be gone in no time.

Scare up some fun with these spooky poison-apple candies. Green apple gum balls get the Halloween sweet treatment with a drizzle of black icing and licorice for a treat that’s almost too spooky to eat. Recipe

A 9-inch round chocolate cake (from a box or from scratch) can be trimmed and decorated to look like many people’s worst nightmare: a spider. But with rolled wafer-cookie legs—held together with melted chocolate—and a chocolate sprinkle-coated body, this spider cake is a delight instead of a fright. Give it a classy-creepy appeal by keeping it faceless, or a kid-friendly look using licorice, chocolate pieces, and other candies.

Kids will go crazy for these adorable mummy pizzas! Made easy with crescent dough, kids will love to help assemble them for dinner or serve them at your next Halloween party. Recipe

A wicked witch is definitely not sweet, and neither is her hat. Blue corn tortilla chips give these salty, cheesy, and slightly spicy Halloween appetizers their dark color, and a thin carrot peel adds some witchy style. Serve with extra chips to dip. Recipe

Your Halloween party guests will get wide grins on their own faces when they see this black cat on the table. Filled with cheeses, garlic, onion, pimiento, and spices, the cheese ball has a savory kick that makes great Halloween party food for adults. Rolled in crushed blue tortilla chips, this grinning cat tastes as good as it looks. Make the cheese ball ahead so you have plenty of time to enjoy the compliments. Recipe

These fluffy, chocolate-dipped marshmallows don’t just look like pumpkins—they taste like them, too! We’ve added a sweet dose of pumpkin puree and cozy spices to the easy Halloween treats for comforting fall flavor. Recipe

A four-ingredient spooky delight has “good for you” written all over it. Recipe

Staring red eyes give these zombie-face mini quiches an undead aura. The bite-size appeal and tasty filling will have Halloween guests gobbling them up anyway, which is exactly what you want for Halloween finger foods! Pimiento-stuffed olive slices serve as the hypnotic eyes, but pearl onions hidden beneath keep the eyes from sinking into the rich egg-and-cheese filling. Recipe


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