Our kitchen is almost finished! Check out the deets below ⬇️

So I haven’t ever really shared this side of the kitchen on IG because it was UGLY!  We had the ugly silver venting system in place for the hood for the last 7 months but just completed the actual hood surround.  I didn’t want anything trendy and preferred something timeless, classic.  We also knew that it needed to be substantial in size since there are no upper cabinets and the other side of the kitchen has the wall oven and frig … it needed to balance out so one side didn’t look “too heavy” or looking lopsided.

After months and months of looking for hood designs we kinda settled on simple.  We knew we wanted to incorporate real, unfinished wood somehow without doing wood on the whole thing.  I am not a big fan of shiplap, I know I know shoot me now, but I do LOVE old, original shiplap found in older homes + buildings that hasn’t been painted. Don’t get me wrong new shiplap looks fabulous in other peoples spaces but it’s just not for me … we are more traditional modern house style people, not farmhouse style. 

We ended up just wrapping the hood in sheetrock and added the wood trim at the base.  This wood was special because it came from a tree on our property, a Black Walnut tree to be exact.  We had it cut to fit as our mantel and since the tree was so large, then we ended up with several awesome leftover pieces that we have incorporated throughout the house, the hood is one of them. 

I’m a firm believer in using locally sourced recourses as much as possible and what better way to support this cause than by using your own property!  

I would love to link my kitchen decor items however all but the baskets are vintage pieces I’ve picked up over the years.
*Our cabinets are from Menards
*Hardware is from build.com
*Lighting above windows (we have 6 of them total in the kitchen) are from Amazon
*Potfiller is from Amazon  there is also a more budget friendly option that looks exactly like        this one from Amazon as well


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