Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages 🐰

These basket ideas found on Martha Stewart are absolutely amazing … although anything Martha does or shares is amazing in my book!😊  

An Easter basket filled to the brim with coordinated candy, cookies, and eggs creates a cohesive look. The trick to decorating these speckled Easter eggs is similar to the sponge-painted technique we used to decorate the egg-shaped sugar cookies.

Is it somebunny’s first Easter? We suggest a basket stuffed with snuggly, age-appropriate goodies like plush bunnies, teething toys, and handmade rabbit slippers.

What about a toddler? These “treats” are better than candy (and better for your little one): wind-up toys to musical eggs to a carrot-and-spoon fork set made special for smaller hands.

Kids love magical stories and things gone miniature. In this handled basket, we turned the interior into a fairy tale garden complete with “gnome” decorated eggs, vegetable chocolates, and diminutive-sized toy accessories (a wooden wheelbarrow and watering can).

For all the little girls this Easter basket, adorned with paper-punched butterflies, will help her tap into her creativity thanks to gifts like coloring books, a make-your-own bunny set, and bunny-shaped crayons. 

For the little prince in your life, a white metal bucket is all you need to package the toys and trinkets he loves. Fill it with model planes, transforming robot toys, and more of our basket stuffer ideas.

No one is too old for Easter, including your teenager! This year, give her a basket full of flavored beauty products, more sophisticated candy, and colorful school supplies.

Who says Easter baskets are only for the kids, what about the “kids at heart”? And since its spring, that means, more time out in the garden. This Easter, give a basket (or more appropriately, stone urn) filled with one-of-a-kind gardening gifts, including a stone rabbit statue, custom tools, and seed bombs.

If they have outgrown Easter candy, try curating this gift for a more mature palate. Fill a woven basket with adult-friendly ideas like artisanal sea salt, imported olive oil, must-have gadgets and handmade recipe cards.

Know someone special in need of a little rest and relaxation? Treat them to a basket that packages everything they need for a spa day at home. They’ll love indulging in a little “me” time with scented candles, bubbly body washes, and soft-to-the-touch towels.

What a gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, a chocolate filled basket! First, we coated a plain basket with chocolate-brown paint to make the color richer. Then we filled it with shredded kraft paper and dark chocolates in the shapes of eggs, bunnies, and hens. We also put foil-covered eggs in the big bunny’s basket by attaching them with dots of royal icing. And we wrapped up homemade fudge in a cellophane bag and secured it with a lavender velvet ribbon. Martha particularly likes the real eggshells filled with chocolate. Fresh flowers, such as this pansy nosegay, should be tucked in just before the basket is given or displayed.


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