Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids and Adults AlikešŸ˜˜Ā 

V-Day Ring Toss Game
Paint plastic (fill with sand for weight) or glass bottles in hues of pink and red then toss heart-shaped rings, made from pipe cleaners, over them for prizes.
Popcorn Bar
Set up a festive popcorn bar for your Valentine’s Day party guests. Let them have fun topping their popcorn with an assortment of pink and red sprinkles, chocolate chips and candy pieces.
V-Day Cookie Decorating Activity
Create V-day cookie decorating stations for each of your guest by setting up all the supplies they’ll need on their own disposable trays. Bonus: they’re easy to clean up when you’re done, too!
Cupidā€™s Arrow Toss
This cupid arrowā€™s toss game from Playground Park Bench is a great way to incorporate practicing numbers and hand eye coordination. Want to use it as a game for adults? Take a step back and blindfold them!
Valentineā€™s Day Memory Game
This Valentineā€™s Day memory game from Play Party Plan is a simple, fun, and educational game for kids!
Valentineā€™s Day Bingo
Print out these unique Valentine bingo cards from Play Party Plan! Perfect for kids or adults!
Musical Hearts
Get kids moving to music with this simple musical hearts game played like musical chairs expect use hearts on the floor instead of chairs.
Heart Punch Board
This Heart is Bursting punch board from Lil Allergy Advocates would be a fun way to give kids treats at a classroom party!
Valentineā€™s Day Trivia
How well do you know your Valentineā€™s Day trivia? This fun Valentineā€™s Day trivia game will have you trying to recall the Greek God of love, who sang what love songs, and more!
Romantic Comedy Two Truths And A Lie
This may be the ultimate Galentineā€™s Day game! See who can figure out which of three statements about popular romantic comedies is the lie! Get the free printable two truths and a lie game here.
Matching Game
All you need for this fun Valentineā€™s Day Matching game from Creations by Kara are some chocolate kisses and the free printables. 

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