Too Much to Do…So Little TIME!

Well, my body is rid of a few extra things that were hanging around in there and I am finally feeling better even though it’s only been 6 days. For those that know me I don’t sit well – I’m very high strung – and usually bounce right back after surgery but this one got me!!!! I have Christmas trees to get up and tons of sewing to get done as well as baking since it’s that time of year.

I have 14 full size trees to get up and yes I said 14, that’s one for every room but the bathroom. They are all themed and decorated until you can’t see any green :>) My kiddos love it and can’t wait til they get home from school each day during the first part of November to see which ones I have up.

My middle son also loves pumpkin pie so I bake a lot of pie as well. (By the way My mom and I were out looking for pumpkin – as I mentioned in an earlier post something about this pumpkin shortage – and finally found some at Aldi’s. However, while we were grabbing several cans for ourselves, some lady came and grabbed 3 flats of pumpkin!)

As for sewing I do have several posting already of Christmas items but since I’ve been down for a week and have orders to fill, I haven’t gotten all my Christmas 2009 lines listed yet. Continue to check over this course of this month as they will be there by December. A few of the new ones I got finished before surgery are shown here.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I am getting my Masters Degree as well….SHOOO, what a deal I have going on right now but like I said I don’t SIT. Because I am high strung I can handle it!

Blessings to all this fabulous day! The SUN is SHINING in Missouri today…YEAH!


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