Why I use and will forever LOVE oils … Do you LOVE oils, then why not become a Young Living Essential Oils member?

I was introduced to essential oils when I was desperate to get relief from chronic back pain from an accident I had 15 years prior, as well as a solution other than meds for our then middle school aged son who suffered from childhood migraines, the meds were taking a toll on his physically and cognitive development. I was told to try peppermint oil and that little lifesaving bottle became my best friend, I was HOOKED! That was 12 years ago.

You might be wondering why it’s taken me so long to share about this love affair I have with essential oils if I’ve been using them for so long? Well I can tell you that while I have used peppermint oil as well as tea tree oil for years, I really didn’t know anything about other oils until I went to a DIY Mothers Day craft day a couple of years ago where the host used Young Living oils to created soaps, sugar scrubs, soaps, fabric refreshers, etc. Wait WHAT there are how many oils and they can do what?!?!? I can use them for THAT! That was the day I absolutely fell in love with them and started to think about making changes in our home, this was May of 2019.

I started small with the essentials like lavender, orange, lemon, peppermint, tea tree and Thieves. I had friends who were YL members so I always had them get me these oils. Then less than a year later we were in a panicky pandemic mode and I wanted all things CLEAN, I started getting Thieves EVERYTHING like cleaners, toothpaste and bottles of oil to hoard (don’t judge everyone was hoarding everything too right😉 ).

It actually became hard to get anything Thieves related during this time and I literally started to panic, I NEEDED to get my toothpaste as least! I thought about signing up to become a YL member but just kept putting it off. I mean the teacher across the hall from me reminded me monthly to refill so I didn’t really have to even think about it, she had me covered! Then the more I used various oils, the more I started researching YL and the perks of being a YL member so I signed up in the fall of 2021.

My favorite way to use oils are for our healthcare needs like burns, headaches, sore muscles, skincare, etc. I am also an avid diffuser loving gal, using them in our home rather than candles now …. and I was OBSESSED with B&B candles, but love that a diffuser offers the same smell in a safer option. We also use them pretty religiously in our nighttime routine either through diffusing and/or spraying our bedding, as a laundry booster, with plants, as a cleaner and so much more. I have a little group of the oils I use most often in that particular room in a little catch all so that they are at ready when needed.

It’s been a year and half that I have had a membership with YL and I can’t imagine not being member, I mean who doesn’t love a 24% discount off retail. Had I known the discount was that generous, I would have signed up much sooner! Being a YL member does NOT mean you ever have to sell anything, it just means you get 24% off prices as long as you are a member!

I am not a pushy YL member who wants to push oils any anyone, instead I want to continue to be a teacher (I’m a middle school FACS, or Home Ec, teacher by day) and teach others about the usefulness oils provide to our everyday life. Signing up as a member simply means you pick a starter kit based on your likeness + budget, then choose for yourself

ORDER Your Starter Kit HERE and make sure the number 28902226 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. Sign up as a MEMBER to get the 24% off! (See below for FAQ). Reminder you do not have to sell it. And you can skip to step 3 if you do not want to get product monthly. (We go thru- thieves, certain oils, toothpaste and so much more that I like to hand pick what I get monthly).

Next you can choose to set up your Essential Rewards monthly autoship, we highly recommend this as a way to order those things you wish to have outside the starter kit and begin to cut toxins from your home with YL cleaning products & makeup. When you sign up as a wholesale member, I will send you a set of recipe cards to get you started and provide you link to join our Facebook Wellness Group.

Become a brand partner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there a monthly order minimum?

No. You do not have to order monthly in order to become a brand partner or even to be a customer with Young Living. You do need 100 CV (customer volume) to get paid, which is easier than you think.

2. What is Subscribe to Save?

Subscribe to Save is an optional auto ship program. When you join, you’ll start accumulating rewards points (10-25% on your qualifying order) for everything you buy, which can be used to get free products on future orders. You can join the STS program later – but believe me, this is great to join from the get-go. Young Living has oils for hormone support like Progessence Plus for women and Shutran for men, supplements like NingXia Red and Master Formula (multivitamins), beauty products (I love the ART skin care line), and even toothpaste (trust me, Thieves toothpaste will change your life).

3. What are the benefits of joining your team? 

You will get amazing support from both me and my essential oils leadership team – including online training, leadership calls, team Zoom calls, in-person events, online resources, printable guides, and much more. We connect with you how you want to communicate. And we have leaders all over the US and the world to help you no matter where you live.

You’ll also be a part of a like-minded community to share testimonials and build lifelong friendships with others. You’ll feel like your home with friends with this tribe.

You’ll also get access to our exclusive business training includes extensive educational materials, social media training, photography and graphics, leadership training, exclusive events, and much more! We can help you to host your own class – everything from printed materials to class scripts. Email me at dkteel@gmail.com if you’re interested.

What do I need to do to get started?

Click here to become a brand partner (be sure to use my member number 28902226 as both the enroller and sponsor). With me as your enroller/sponsor, you’ll get access to all our of team’s resources, classes, business building materials, team calls, and so much more!

Add other products to your first order – like a diffuser, Thieves essential oil, Thieves household cleaner, etc. Check out the Young Living website for their products or ask me and I can help you put together a bundle for your needs. If you spend 100 PV or put any product on subscription, you’ll unlock the 24% off discount. An even better deal? Get the premium starter kit, which includes 12 oils, a diffuser, and other goodies. This kit is worth over $300 – so it’s about 60% off retail and the best deal all around.

Also consider getting Subscribe to Save – the optional auto ship program – when you sign up. You’ll earn 10-25% back on your order in points that you can later to use to get products from Young Living. You can even set items on subscription at every 1, 2 or 3 months. When you’re on it monthly, your % that you earn back goes up over time.


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