October with Young Living and all the Spooky Spooky you can handle…

We are so glad to live in a world of Octobers – cool crisp air, the beauty of the changing leaves, cozy days and cozier nights. This month is all about keeping ourselves, our homes and our families cozy, healthy and thriving. Join us as we ‘Thieves all the things’ and invite Autumn into our home with these cozy DIYs, diffuser blends, recipes and more.


Sistaaaaahs! ‘Tis time!  Throw one of these blends into the cauldron and run amok on this glorious day! If you missed the Simplified Fall Trio, don’t stress! There are dupe diffuser blends that you can DIY! (if you don’t have cassia use cinnamon bark instead)

Fall brings on the season for needing a little extra wellness support! Keep it clean, green and healthy from kitchen to bath and everything in between with the power of Thieves. Thieves is Young Livings proprietary blend that’s not only a powerful combinations of oils to support wellness, but it also has a warm welcoming aroma! Natural cleaning options don’t have to mean options that are less effective or unsafe for kids or pets. These plant-powered favorites are safe and effective for the whole house!

Clove Tips and How to Use

Clove essential oil is extracted by steam distilling the flowers buds of clove trees to produce its iconic warm, spicy scent. Known for its woodsy aroma, this oil will bring a winter-ready vibe wherever you use it! Clove essential oil is a health powerhouse! It is high in the constituent eugenol, which boasts well documented health supporting properties. It protects our brains, hearts, lungs, immune systems and basically the body as a whole. It is a key ingredient in our beloved Thieves blend. Plus, it is a wonderful addition to any fall diffuser blend!

Ways to Use Clove

  • Spice up your cleaning routine: add a few drops of Clove to your cleaning products for a warm, cozy scent
  • Refresh your rugs: make a natural rug deodorizer with 2 cups baking soda and 10-15 drops of Clove or any other essential oil
  • Put a few drops on those wool dryer balls you’re getting this month…AMAZING!!!
  • If you have trouble getting warm, add a couple drops in Epsom salts to your bath water
  • Soothes any kind of toothache or mouth pain
  • Add a couple of drops in V-6 and rub into shoulders and neck at night
  • Make up a quick room spray with Orange + Clove
  • Diffuse with Grapefruit for a killer spicy/fruity combo
  • Aromatically, Clove encourages sleep, stimulates dreams, and creates a sense of protection and courage
  • Apply to the bottoms of the feet for overall wellness, immune support, and antioxidant support
  • Add a couple drops of clove to your bath on those cold dreary days outside for a warm soothing getaway.
  • Add a few drops to your dishwater or dishwasher to eliminate odors and boost cleaning.

Clove DIY’s

  • Make a Daily Wellness Roller to use morning and evening over the lymph nodes, spine, bottom of the feet. Also use this when your defenses start to go down: In a 10 ml roller add 25 drops clove, 20 drops each of Lemon and Frankincense. Optional 15 drops Oregano and R.C.
  •  Immune Boost Bath Soak whenever you feel your defenses going down, try this! ½ cup pink Himalayan salt, ½ cup magnesium flakes, 8 drops Clove, 8 drops Oregano, 5 drops Lemon, 5 drops Frankincense  

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