Bunk Room Reveal ~ Shop my home

I’m so excited to have a bunk room now for the grandkiddos! I mean an actual room where we can close the door, keep their stuff AND it’s on the main level right beside our room. We worked with The Poster Store on the gallery wall with frames and prints and couldn’t be more thrilled with this collaboration.

We initially built a space for them in our loft nook (pic below) but as they grow in size and number (we have 3 now) this space wasn’t going to work. The original bed had drawers underneath for their things but we really needed a trundle and a dresser for 3 grands clothing + swimsuits. We are lucky in that we have the resources, know how and skills to redo things in this 1.5 year old custom build …. that we ourselves custom designed and built but didn’t get quite right the first time. =)

As we started to settle in here, things felt off. Rooms that we thought would be used for one thing weren’t working out like we had hoped (everyone home during a pandemic). Spaces that we hadn’t planned on finishing for a couple years needed to get done ASAP for our college kiddo moving back home (college pandemic issues). This loft nook was initially planned as a library but we had a “bunk/hang out” room in our interim house so I thought we should do that here. We did really like it but it just wasn’t working out like I had hoped in my mind …. and that’s ok. We went back to plan A after realizing plan B wasn’t quite right, details soon!

The office became bunk room which is a smaller space than most home offices but was ideal for us when we designed the house …. pre-pandemic. My husband worked from home only a couple times every few months, so we didn’t need a large work from home office. It perfect size for what we thought we needed at the time but then as we got into the pandemic, his job became a permeant work from home position and this office was not ideal anymore, more so the location.

So we moved our sons room to the basement (he didn’t like being upstairs sharing a bathroom with his sister and vice versa for her, they’d been apart a long time & they’re 16 & 21), moved the office to his room, turned the old office into the bunk room and the loft nook into a library … SHEW did you catch all that! I’ll show the library and new office soon, they are almost finished and the down stairs space this summer, it’s still a work in progress.

I loved decorating this space for the grands and it turned out exactly like I envisioned! I really wanted a different wallpaper but when the family voted I didn’t win with my pick so it became a picture on the wall (see the blue wave paper). The peacock and blue wave were mine already but the other 3 were sent to use from The Poster Store and they are great!

Moving the office was the best thing we have done and we all love the way the spaces work for everyone now! Find all the source that I can link below.

Sources for the bunk room:

Trundle ~ Amazon

Dresser ~ IKEA

Difusser + Oils ~ Young Living use 28902226 to order or join

Bedding ~ Beddys *discontinued

Mustard Pillows ~ Urban Outfitters *discontinued

Euro Ivory Shames ~ Anthropologie *discontinued

White Throw Pillows ~ Ballard Designs *discontinued

Blue Gingham Pillow ~ Serena and Lilly *discontinued

Pink Lumbar Pillow ~ Target *discontinued

Pink Throw Blanket ~ West Elm *discontinued

Wallpaper ~ Amazon

Basket ~ Amazon *snake plant sold separately, mine is from Lowes

Wave Print ~ Amazon

Flamingo + Tree Print ~ The Poster Store use code TEEL35 for 35% your order through March 31, 2022

Jellyfish Print is actually wallpaper ~ Amazon


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