Because you aksed….

Ok, Since I’ve had soooo many requests……I’ve gone ahead and re-opened my store on Etsy. I had planned on waiting until late next spring so that I can get this first year of teaching back under my belt as well handling the many papers that I’m required to write for Grad School but so many keep requesting items or inquiring when I will be returning ~It is great to feel loved =) So I have added a few new thing to my Etsy store and will be adding a few more things over the next couple of weeks. I will no longer be doing overalls, ruffled pants or sets that include a lot of details as my time to sew is so limited. I will be carrying the familiar pillowcase dress, knot dresses, tie tops dresses/tunics and skirts as well as adding things for baby and mom 😉 – this new addition will be fun!!! I have added another element as well as those I just mentioned….TWEEN styles. As your darling daughters grow there is no reason we have to stop dressing them in custom styles. So take a look at my store and shop away! Have a blessed week!


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