We Can't Give Up ~ EVER EVER EVER!

I know that times are tough for many people right now whether it is financial, health, relationships, basically life in general! I too am one of those people who struggles daily with the challenges of just living life day by day. I pray and sometimes beg God to just take away my worries and help to me literally turn them over to Him and leave them with Him just as he instructs us to do in His word. BUT because of my (our) flesh it is sometimes a vicious evil struggle for me! Yesterday I was in pure doubt about something I have prayed for and prayed for knowing full well that I am not yet prepared for this prayer to be answered by His accounts…..I have had to reflect on my thoughts and actions regarding this issue because even though I think I’m ready for it I know in my heart or hearts that I still have many many changes to make before I’m “ready” to receive it, not sure if that makes sense without explaining the situation but I’m not ready to disclose that =)
Anyway I know God will not leave me, EVER and I know that whatever we face, He is working it out for our good – he tells this over and over through the bible! We have to stop questioning and doubting HIS plan for life and trying to figure things out on our own! When I felt at whits end yesterday and throughout the night I awoke to this devotion from Joel Osteen which hit me literally like a TON of bricks! This is proof that He is sovereign and ever in our favor! If this isn’t God at work then I don’t know what is!!!!!

It Has a Great Reward

“Do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward” (Hebrews 10:35, NASB)

Have you been praying and believing for something that seems like it’s taking a lot longer than you anticipated? Many times, people can miss God’s best simply because they give up before they see their “due season” come. Don’t let that be you! Be encouraged today; your answer is closer than you think! If it seems like things are getting more difficult, remember, when the intensity heats up, that means you are closer to your victory. It always seems darkest just before the dawn arrives.

Remember, you serve a faithful God, and He’s working behind the scenes on your behalf. Don’t cast away your confidence today because your reward is coming. Just like a new mother forgets about her labor pain when she is finally holding her newborn, you’ll forget about your struggle when you are holding on to your promise.

While you are waiting, keep an attitude of faith and expectancy. Wake up every morning and say out loud, “I’ve come too far to give up now. My due season is coming. I will reap my harvest.” Stay in faith and look for His hand of blessing because He has promised you victory, and your reward is coming!

Father in heaven, today I stand believing that You are working behind the scenes on my behalf. Give me Your strength to continue believing until I see Your promises fulfilled in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I hope that if you too are in a situation that seems endless and without hope that you find just as much comfort from this as I did! It is with great certainly that I know God is never going to give up on me, leave me or forsake me!


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