Cheap.Easy.Unique Fall Decorating Ideas

I have found some more wonderful Fall Decorating ideas that I can’t wait to try so I thought I would pass them on just in case you find them as fun as I do! The items are easy to find and heck we all probably have them on hand especially during this time of year. Have fun creating if you choose to re-create any of these splendid designs =)

Sweater Candle

OHHHH the possibilities for all upcoming holidays with this one! Wrapping sweater remnants around a candle brings warmth and comfort to your home. Camilla stuck a leaf in the sweater scraps to add texture and bring a touch of nature indoors. These candles work well as decor or as a hostess gift.

Harvest Corn

Cute, easy and simple! Tie a grouping of Indian corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door. Display jars filled with dried corn and seeds behind glass-front cabinet doors.

Grassy Fields

I love the simple yet elegant look of this on the staircase. Ornamental grasses dress up a plain staircase for fall — the dried variety is available at crafts stores and fresh grasses can be purchased at some floral shops. Simply bundle bunches of the grasses together, secure with a rubber band and tie to every other baluster on your staircase with raffia.


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