Easy Easter Centerpieces & Table Settings ~ Pretty Ways to Decorate with Easter Eggs

Check out these creative and easy egg decorations for some Easter-inspired decor that will fill your home with spring-like color. These beautiful Easter-inspired centerpieces and table settings are perfect for any spring get-together. Mix-and-match our creative ideas for your Easter table or use them as inspiration to create your own display.Each decorating idea features pretty Easter eggs as the centerpiece.

Eggs-and-Carnation Centerpiece
Turn a handful of dyed eggs and a few bunches of carnations into a pretty Easter centerpiece. Fill a medium-size footed bowl with a few inches of water. Next, nestle dyed eggs in a smaller bowl and set in the center of the footed bowl. Cut carnation stems about 2 or 3 inches long and pack the blooms around the bowl of eggs.

Easy Spring-Theme Place Setting
Evoke the first signs of spring on your Easter table with this place setting. We chose a set of pretty green paper plates for the base for our place setting and topped with a dyed egg and plain cloth napkin. The star of the show is the napkin ring ~ a small twig wreath wrapped with blue ribbon and adorned with a fresh-cut flower and a faux bird.

Blue-and-Pink Easter Table Setting ~ Monogrammed Egg Place Card
A blue-and-pink color scheme comes into play with this Easter table setting. A blue ribbon with a “Happy Spring” tag ties up the napkin, while a stamped piece of pink cardstock adds a formal touch. Easter-appropriate salt and pepper shakers make an appearance, while a hard-boiled egg serves as a monogrammed place card.
An egg with a dual purpose: to mark the spot and be devoured. Use a light-color dye to decorate a hard-boiled egg. Next, use a paintbrush, a marker, or a sticker to adorn it with an initial. Tip: If you don’t have egg holders, craft some by making a small cylinder with heavy paper (construction or cardstock), or use napkin rings to keep the egg in place. Blue-and-Pink Easter Table Setting

Grass-and-Egg Easter Table Setting
This fun Easter place setting incorporates everything spring: pastel colors on the egg name card, Easter candy, and artificial grass. Put everything on a bright blue plate and pair with a rickrack-edged napkin on top of a yellow gingham tablecloth to complete the look.

Simple Painted-Eggs Centerpiece
This natural-looking Easter centerpiece comes together quickly with a trifle dish, wooden eggs, a bit of paint, and some moss. Using three paint colors, coat wooden eggs with a single coat; let dry. Add painted eggs to a trifle dish and set directly on the table or a wooden serving platter. Surround the dish with bits of moss and extra eggs.

Easter Egg Pails
Who said only baskets can hold eggs? These adorable Easter pails also get the job done and are just as easy. Stamp, paint, draw, or use stickers to add a festive design to pails. Next, simply fill with Easter grass and add decorative eggs. To make eggs like those pictured, cut designs from decorative paper and adhere to eggs with decoupage medium.

Paper Strip Nest Place Setting
Create a place setting that’s undeniably Easter with a paper-strip nest. Take a myriad of colored scrapbook papers and shred them into tiny strips (a paper shredder works best). Form the paper strips into a ball large enough to fit an egg. Place an egg in the center of each ball, forming the strips into a nest around the egg. Let each guest know where they’re sitting with a pretty monogram sticker.

Simple Egg Centerpiece
All you need is a large raised dish and several of your favorite decorated eggs to complete this festive Easter egg centerpiece. By using plain white dishes alongside clear glass drinkware, the varied selection of eggs stands out on the table.

Easter Grass-and-Eggs Centerpiece
Create a beautiful Easter centerpiece in minutes with a footed bowl filled with Easter grass, dyed eggs, and egg-shape candy. The centerpiece will give your dining table a soft spring look.

Pastel Flower Bouquet with Eggs
Bring Easter to your table with this dazzling flower-and-egg centerpiece. Place a clear drinking glass or thin vase in the center of a large-mouth jar or canister, and stack eggs between the glass and the jar. Fill the glass with water and arrange flowers (we used roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinth, and bells of Ireland).

Stylish Easter Place Setting
In place of traditional bunnies, try a stylish bird theme for your Easter table. Light blue plates complement pink gingham place mats; break up the color palate with lacy-edge white napkins. A nest of dried moss inside a birdcage becomes an easy centerpiece — accent it with pink blossoms (in florist’s water picks) and pink gingham ribbon to match the place setting.

Cheery Easter Place Setting
Keep your Easter place settings simple and cheery with this pretty idea. Set a flowery plate atop a solid-color placemat (we used coral to match the flowers in our plate, but get creative based on what you have). Include a tinted glass and loosely tie a ribbon around a cloth napkin. For the finishing touch, add a gold-painted wooden Easter egg.


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