Simple Handmade Gifts for Father's Day

From photo albums to desk sets, we’ve got just the right handmade Father’s Day present for Dad. He’ll love the sentiment of these easy homemade gifts just as much as you will love crafting them!

Necktie Photo Album
Line up several of Dad’s retired neckties (or shop around for cheap ties at thrift stores) to create this simple, one-of-a-kind album for a creative Father’s Day gift. Simply select a scrap book or photo album the coordinates with the ties. Cut the ties to your specific length and hot glue them on.

Travel-Theme Wall Art
Remind Dad of a favorite vacation with this easy wall-art gift that shows old road maps some love. Cut a map that you no longer use to standard printer-paper size. Create special words, phrases, images, and symbols with word-processing software, and print them in color on your map. Attach the map to a store-bought canvas with spray adhesive, then brush on two coats of decoupage medium to seal it. Tip: Give a newer map a weathered or vintage look by soaking it in extra-strong coffee or black tea for an hour; hang to dry.

Cork Office Caddy
Keep Dad’s office in tip-top organizational shape with these two-in-one upgraded pencil holders. Join two square pencil holders with permanent glue; let dry. Attach cork floor samples (available at local home centers) to the sides and ends of the dual caddy with permanent glue. Once dry, fill one side with pencils and create a planter on the other side. Line the bottom of the planter with a 1- to 2-inch layer of gravel or sand. Plant a succulent (or another plant that doesn’t need a lot of water and maintenance) to green up Dad’s desk.

Dad’s Favorite Things
Put together a collection of essentials for dad with this cool Father’s Day gift idea. A fun tech toy, such as the iPod Touch shown here, is tucked into the pocket of a new collared shirt, making a pair of functional gifts he’ll love. Tip: When selecting a protective cover for the iPod Touch, get a clear or plain white one and decorate it with fun stickers or paint to add a personalized touch.

Office-Supply Holder
Help Dad keep his desk supplies neat with this eco-friendly organizer made from recycled chip canisters. Wrap clean, empty canisters with adhesive shelf paper. Apply a strip of contact cement or silicone-type adhesive down one side of a container, and adhere it horizontally to another. Continue stacking and joining the containers until the desired-size unit is achieved.

Patterned Necktie Pillow
Line up several of Dad’s retired neckties (or shop around for cheap ties at thrift stores) to create this simple, one-of-a-kind pillow for a creative Father’s Day gift.

Monogrammed Boxer Shorts
Jazz up Dad’s favorite boxer shorts by monogramming them. Purchase iron-on letters at fabrics stores, and spell “DAD” on one leg of the shorts; iron.

Fishing Lamp
This reading light is a real catch for the dad who loves to fish. Select a colorful variety of fishing bobbers and sinkers from your local sporting goods store or dig through Dad’s tackle box and pick out your fav’s and his (ones he won’t mind not using anymore). Using heavyweight thread, sew them around the bottom edge of a paper lampshade.


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