Message in a Lunchbox

Back-to-School can be a scary time, so sometimes it’s nice to know that Mom–or Dad– is thinking of you with a little lunchbox surprise. Here are some ways to spread the love.

* Write an “I love you” message on a banana.

* Slip a Lunchbox Love note into her pack. The cards have cute phrases like “I’m your biggest fan” on one side and fun facts on the back.

*Jot down a cute joke on a sticky note attached to the inside lid to give them chuckle.

* Give them a fortune cookie with a special “fortune”.

* Sprinkle some colorful, fun shape confetti around the inside found out your local party supply store.

Sneak in a special photo and a written memory like, “Remember the fun time we had at the ice cream parlor last week?”


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