Paper Lantern.Pom Pom Mobile ~ Eme's Room Re-Do

Oh MY this thing took me an hour and half to get right and it still isn’t as full as I thought it would be……

So Eme had a tulle canopy above/around her bed but when she saw a pic of the paper lantern/pom pom  mobile on Pinterest (Click Here to see which one it was) she was hooked!  So we ordered 12 assorted colors and styles of these from Luna Bazaar, I attached them using their “hooks” with fishing line and WALLA ~ our mobile!

To be honest I thought it would be wider with that many but…..considering these are all attached together with 1 line and fastened to a plant hook, I think we did pretty good (it did take me over an hour to get them where and how I wanted them though), we also have 10 foot ceilings so it is longer than wider which works out perfect for us!


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