No Sew Halloween Costumes For Everyone In The Family

Rose Garden
Looking for a flower costume? Consider transforming your daughter into an entire rose garden this Halloween. To encourage hair-loom roses to bloom, this little one sprinkled her head with hair glitter. Her updo, wrapped in a potted-plant fence, is ideal for tucking in silk roses. Wire keeps silk butterflies from flying away. More silk flowers grow on her shirt with the help of some hot glue.

Swamp Couple
Forget needle and thread, these creative Halloween costumes are simple to make and require no sewing from start to finish. Other Halloween party goers will turn green with envy when they see your murky disguise. Start with a simple dress, jacket, and tie ~ nothing you’ll want to wear again in its original form. Have fun with the wide selection of silk and plastic leaves and flowers that are available; you need not follow our choices.
Tools and Materials:
Wide Selection of Silk or Plastic Leaves or Flowers (we used Silk Spiderwort Leaves and Plastic Maiden-Hair Ferns)
Hot Glue
Safety Pins
2-inch length of slender ribbon
Bobby pins
Dress How-To ~ We cut the sleeves off a thrift-store dress and covered it by hot-gluing silk spiderwort leaves interspersed with plastic maiden-hair ferns. Put a dab of hot glue at the base of each leaf, leaving tip free; start gluing from top of dress. Do a design with the leaves, let vines crawl up your dress, or go for colors and patterns with roses, daisies, or flower petals.
Gentleman’s Tie How-To ~ First knot tie on wearer’s neck, then cut through in back; use a safety pin to fasten in back for easy removal. We chose silk French-smilax vine, and hot-glued it onto the tie.
Jacket How-To ~ We hot-glued plastic cedar branches onto the body and plastic maidenhair fern onto lapels and pockets. To make hat from an extra-large leaf, make a tiny double loop from a 2-inch length of slender ribbon: Bring both ends to center of ribbon and glue in place; then hot-glue ribbon loops to back of leaf. Attach with bobby pins through loops.

All Dressed Up: Flower Bouquet
Make a sunny bundle of daisies, tulips, and sunflowers. These friends wear felt-petal collars and pollen headdresses topped with stickers. Velour dresses and bright tights bring it all together without a single stitch.
28-gauge floral wire
Fusible web
Fabric glue
1. To make the headband, cut 28-gauge floral wire into eight 4- to 5-inch pieces; top each with two dot stickers. Wrap a headband in floral tape a third of the way up one side; add a wire piece, and secure by wrapping its end. Repeat, evenly spacing wires. 2. For the petal collars, iron fusible web to felt square. Trace petal shape onto web side; cut out. Place petal on second piece of felt, web side down, with a petal-length piece of floral wire sandwiched between the layers. Iron layers together, and cut out. Repeat to make 5 to 10 petals. Cut a 36-inch length of 1-inchwide double-fold bias tape. Beginning 10 inches from tape’s end, insert petals into the fold; secure with fabric glue.

Black Widow
The face gazing back at you in the mirror is drawn and pale. Your eyes are lost in ominous shadows and your lips are the color of blood. You look perfect. Every year on Halloween, beauty takes on a different meaning and you become someone new. Unlike a mask, which simply disguises your identity, makeup works an eerie magic: It can turn you into a more frightful, or more fantastical, version of yourself. Enjoy the transformation and at the end of the night, wash your face and be you again, at least for another year.
Eyebrow plastic
White cream makeup
Black cream makeup
Small makeup brush
Dark-green frosting powder
Eyelash adhesive
False eyelashes
Tiny makeup brush
Eyeliner brush
Red lip liner
Red lipstick
Fan-shaped brush
Powder blush
Hair gel
Black wig
Plastic spiders
Cotton swab
Long black fingernails
1. Cover eyebrows: Soften a small amount of eyebrow plastic between fingers, then spread over the brow in the direction of hair growth. Cover with white cream makeup. With a sponge, apply a sheer layer of white cream makeup to face and neck; powder to set. 2. Using black cream makeup, paint high, arching brows with a small makeup brush; extend color up, at an angle, from inside corner of eyebrow, dramatically shading above brows. Add dark-green frosting powder for contouring; blend with sponge. (In applying shadow, it can be helpful to use a paper template, as shown in step 6, to ensure that shading is even and shape is symmetrical.) 3. Using a tiny makeup brush, apply a thin line of eyelash adhesive to back of false eyelashes, and carefully press into place along lash line of each eye. 4. Using black cream makeup and an eyeliner brush, line each eye on top and bottom, extending liner outward at outer corner of eye. 5. Using red lip liner, outline lips, shaping top lip into a sharp V in the center; fill lips with red lipstick. 6. Using a fan-shaped brush, sweep powder blush out and down from corner of eye. Hold a piece of paper cut in a curved shape against the face when applying shadow to ensure a clean line. 7. Use gel to slick back hair, then carefully fit black wig into place. 8. Attach plastic spiders to face: Use a cotton swab to dab spirit gum to back of spider, let dry until tacky, then press onto skin, holding in place for a moment or two. Finish with long black fingernails.

Bird’s Nest
Invite a creepy bird to make its nest on your head and lay a few mysterious eggs. To create the nest, use a hot-glue gun to affix Spanish moss, found in crafts stores, to a cotton skullcap. Next, arrange feathers in the moss, using hot glue to secure them as necessary. Then glue on some miniature plastic quail eggs. To attach the bird, first place the hat on your head, and balance the bird on top (you may need to remove its legs for proper fit). When you’re happy with the arrangement, carefully remove the hat and secure.

Tulle Ghost
Shroud yourself in ghastly tulle and haunt your next Halloween bash.
White tulle
Yarn needle
White yarn, ribbon, or seam binding
Glow-in-the-dark paint
1. Measure the wearer’s height, double it, and cut about 7 lengths (depending on desired degree of transparency) of white tulle to that measurement. Tulle comes in 54-inch and 72-inch standard widths; we used 108-inch width from a specialty store. 2. Stack lengths of tulle; mark center point of one long edge to indicate top of hood. Measure from shoulder to shoulder over head of wearer, add 3 inches, and divide by 2. 3. Measure that distance from center point on tulle to make an arc. Mark arc with pins at 3- to 4-inch intervals. 4. For the tie, thread a yarn needle with 3 yards of white yarn, ribbon, or seam binding. Weave through all layers along arc, leaving ends for ties. 5. To finish, shred top 2 layers of cape, tumble briefly in a hot dryer, or apply glow-in-the-dark paint.


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