My Crazy Life ~ Eme's Christmas Room Reveal

So it took more time than I had anticipated to get her room finished and posted HOWEVER, I was working on several other rooms at the same time (I will post those as well later) while I waited on things to arrive to finish her room. Also because of our home being our town Holiday Homes Tour December 7th……Christmas decorations took precedence as I have 16 full size trees that needed to get up during this time as well! So here it is with her Christmas tree because, well I had to get them all up early so I can clean and paint before the 7th! I will post more pics of her room once the tree is taken down the first of year.

I can’t even describe how much fun we had re-doing this room! Eme and I would look through catalogs, magazines, websites, and pinterest, then go around her “then” room as well as the house and look for things we could re-do and re-purpose! We both had a hand in crafting the items and we had to compromise a lot (I learned after her purple room that a young girl will not have the final say =}, I just wish her dad and brothers would learn this lesson as well)!

The little things…..

The Bed ~ Well you have to love Pottery Bran, Target, The Land of Nod and Pine Cone Hill….it took all of them to get the bed the way we envisioned it to be. Since I am also Miss Frugal, we waited until things were on sale and.or we had a coupon code. It really didn’t cost us as much as you would think considering the stores we used because we bought in intervals with codes and during sales. We also didn’t have to buy anything else for her room other than the bedding ~ the rest of the room was just paint, on-hand fabrics and craft items.

The Mobile ~ The mobile above her bed grew after we initially got it up with 12 total poms and lanterns because it was competing with the chandelier. We ended up with 18, possibly 20 poms and lanterns on the finished prodeuct, then the star, but our ceilings are 9 foot. All of these came from Luna Bazzar (an AWESOME AWESOME webstore)!

The desk ~ Above her desk is a collection of embroidery hoops with coordinating fabrics, framed scrapbook papers with typography phrases, a vintage inspired clock, framed letter E, crosses, a chalkboard painted old full length mirror and upside down Pottery Barn bin pull handles used as chalk holders.

The Floor ~ You are not seeing things, she has 3 different rugs on her floor! They are all black and white and the same size but we thought this was unique and fun!

Reading Nook ~ The reading nook was fun and where she spends most of her time ~ the rest of the time she’s at her desk. The canopy was above her bed in the “old” room AND we both really loved the look at the paper mobiles so we opted to move it above her lounge chair to create a personal space. Of course it wasn’t quite wide enough to cover both the chair and table so I attached a hula hoop under neither with fishing line and covered the hoop with fabric scraps to enlarge it’s circumference. We both think it turned out awesome, colorful (but not over-stated), and FUN! I recovered the hot pink chair in a turquoise.white medallion print to coordinate better and we couldn’t be happier with the way this corner turned out! Click here to see the mod-podged the old milk jug table posted earlier.

The Dresser ~ With just the drawers painted pink and leaning the mirror against the wall, this dresser looks totally different than it’s previously all white paint job and mirror hanging above.

The Tree ~ This tree is one of my fav’s in the house! It has specific ornaments ~ all girly of course ~ BUT we also added within the tree a couple of her LaLaLoopsy Dolls, a couple Furr Real pets and a Pink Winter Monkey! How fun is this =)


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