It's Almost Christmas! These Are a Few of My Favorite Trees…….

We were asked to participate in our town’s Holiday Homes Tour as I previously stated in early posts. I will have a “homes tour” posted before the new year of each room BUT in the intern here are a few of our 16 5-10 foot tress…..yes 16 full size tress all decked out in their glory (and if you’re wondering that means each room of the house gets a tree =}).

The Big One ~ The Living Room: This is our traditional tree that boasts over 1000 ornaments and it is a 10 foot splendor. Ornaments are an array of everything and yes, since everyone seems to be talking about my wrapping, the presents underneath all coordinate.

The Woodland ~ The Dining Room.Staircase: This tree displays all things nature pine cones, berries, pussy willows and twigs. It sits in a basket nestled on a table surrounded by coordinating Christmas items.

The Kansas State Tree ~ The Mud Room:
This is the only non-traditional colored tree we have and we opted for white so that the purple and silver stands out! We also put it in the back porch/mud room since everyone uses that door and hence will see our K-State Pride ~ GO CATS!!!

The Snow Man ~ The Kitchen: Well appropriately this snowman tree sits in an antique metal Artic Boy Cooler =)

The Glass Ball ~ Hearth Room: My oh My, this is my favorite! It has over 800 glass balls throughout and I mean throughout. I start with putting them inside and work my way out ~ SHEW this trees is dangerous, literally because it’s mostly glass (and it is wired to the pipe to keep it from ever moving!!)

The Clothespin ~ The Laundry Room.Sun Room: As you can guess it is covered in clothespins. I couldn’t help but thinking though that it needed some color so I cut strips out of a magazine and made a garland chain. To finish it off we wrapped a few small packages in magazine pages and tied a red grosgrain ribbon around them. This was several tourists favorite tree which made me chuckle because it took the least amount of time, work and was really an after thought!

Eme’s Tree ~ Eme’s Room: This is another favorite of mine. This is my daughter’s tree with all things girly, we also added some of her “outgrown” toys like LaLaLoopsy dolls, Furr Real Dogs, Sock Monkeys and bracelets. It is truly HER tree!

Spencer’s Tree ~ Spencer’s Room: My middle son’s tree is a reflection of him (as all 3 of my kids trees are) SPORTS. It is adorned with sports ornaments, blue and silver balls, and tucked inside are real bowling pins, basketballs, baseball gloves, footballs, and of course cleats!

The Crystal ~ Upstairs Hallway: This tree was inspired by my mom. These were her ornaments because she to had several trees. When she moved into a small place, she gave these to me.


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