A New Year is here ~ It's time to get ORGANIZED….. in the Living Room

Get organized: It’s a New Year’s resolution we seem to make year after year, BUT as life gets busy, it’s easy to let clutter take over again, unless you manage it the right way. Get our advice, tips, and tricks to make 2014 the year you get organized once and for all……in the Living Room!
You can make your living room attractive and inviting by reducing clutter and organizing everything in it. It is actually easy to keep your living room organized. It only takes one’s discipline and creativity in order to do that. Home organization is vital to make sure that your home can give you the comfort that you expect from it. To help you organize your living room, here are some tips to de-clutter your living room.

Develop Zones ~ Creating a sense of togetherness is effortless when you choose integrated storage. The first step is to be realistic about how everyone uses the room so you can give each activity some space of its own. Such agreed-upon zones keep activities enjoyable while containing clutter.

Task-It Baskets ~ Unlike a kitchen or mudroom, living rooms — designated for relaxing and conversing — often encompass more form than function. But even these livable spaces are required to have a little storage. Utilize large baskets or decorative bins to conceal blankets, toys, or media. If your front door opens directly into the living room, set up a console table with baskets tucked beneath for storing outerwear accessories, umbrellas, dog leashes, and more.

Cut the Clutter ~ To do away with clutter, have enough storage spaces. Create smart storage areas in the living room that will make your room look neat and organized. Think of a way that it can add beauty to the area. If you notice that there is still some clutter, maybe it is time for you to add some storage space. You can have magazine racks for your reading materials. The key to having a neat storage space it to place only the number of items that can be accommodated in your storage area. Place the excess in other storage spaces.

Control the Extras ~ Keep only movies, games, music, and books that you use and that realistically fit on your shelves. Labeled photo boxes are stylish and the perfect size for stashing on shelves in an entertainment center.

Coffee Table Function ~ Having a coffee table certainly adds beauty to your living room but are you using it in the right manner? If you notice that clutter is accumulating on your coffee table, then you have to see to it that you will now place storage for magazines, drink coasters and others. You can add some rolling baskets, binds and low storage cubes under the table.

Room for Everyone ~ Since every family member spends time in this room, it can become a jumble of activities and items. Create storage for each activity, whether it’s reading, playing games, watching TV, paying bills, or playing with a pet.

Separate Play Area ~ Toys can be seen in the living room especially when the kids stay there during the day. You can do away with this by having a playroom. All their toys will be placed inside the room and they do not need to carry it anywhere for everything is already there. Inside the playroom, have a children’s table, a bookcase and some storage places for their toys to make sure that it will also look organized.

Living in Organization ~ In the living room, which is usually off the home’s front entry, ready-to-assemble bookcases look custom-made. Here, thanks to trim and patterned paper on the backs of the shelves these truly are. The unit forms an all-in-one entertainment center, bookshelf, and storage catchall.

Front and Center ~ Most often, a living room has a focal point like a fireplace or a television set. You can arrange your furniture around your focal point. As you do this, allow some open space for easy access when one walks into the living room. If you have a large area, you can have more than one set of sofas or conversation area to do away with an empty look. You can also use larger furniture for your space.


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