A New Year is here ~ It's time to get ORGANIZED…. in the Office

Get organized: It’s a New Year’s resolution we seem to make year after year, BUT as life gets busy, it’s easy to let clutter take over again, unless you manage it the right way. Get our advice, tips, and tricks to make 2014 the year you get organized once and for all…..In The Office!

Choose wall shelves of any shape, a shelving system that fits style and space is ideal. Like here the wall “ladder” system.

Repurpose flea market dishes as office organizers. Mismatched pieces add charm to a utilitarian space. Use teacups for pens and pencils, and saucers or small plates for stamps, keys, and spare change.

This office, found in the mudroom, brings in a secondhand pine table and barstools to keep with the homes theme. Remember when decorating your office, stick with thinks you love to look at, secondhand finds or not. When using or repurposing things you love, it may help you keep it tidy and organized.

The custom created elevated desk, by topping two desks with a custom box, doubles as a stealthy spot for stowing files and books. The floor lamps allow for more desk space.

Get the clutter off your desk and shelve them. Organize books, papers, magazines and like items by category and assign them a shelf.

Color is a useful tool for differentiating a space. If you’re working side by side, stay consistent (one style of furniture) but invite in different colors to give the space some personality.

Colorful boxes and woven baskets are an ideal variant for any room, they can vary from rustic to somewhat feminine depending on your decor.

Think you don’t have enough space for a home office? Transform a cluttered closet into an accessible workspace that is blooming with inspiration. Choose a chair with an adjustable seat so that it can slide under the desk, which can be made using metal file cabinets and a ready-made melamine desktop.


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