What You Can Do With Fat Quarters

As I was cleaning out my fabric closet, I kept thinking that these stinkin’ fat quarters so tempting!  Do they tempt anyone else? I mean, fat quarters are for quilters right?  And I don’t even quilt, I sew! Well check out these ideas and you will see that these aren’t just for quilters anymore =) Who knew the endless list of Fat Quarter ideas was this long ~ try them for yourself and see where your imagination will take you!

A stunning sunglasses case

An apron 

Cute and Easy headbands

A Notebook Folder

A cute Checkbook Cover

Adorable little baby bibs

Here’s a really creative idea-wall art made from fat quarters

A handy dandy Diapers and Wipes Carrier

Easy burp cloths for baby

Cute, reusable snack bags

Stylish Storage Bins


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