6 Simple and Functional Flea Market Makeovers

Crate Nightstand ~ Turn discarded crates into a full-fledged nighstand. Cut a piece of MDF to the desired size (it should be a little wider than the width of the two crates) and mount a set of casters to the bottom. Nail two crates into the top of the MDF. Place two more crates on top of the first pair and secure together with nails. Top the crates with another piece of MDF cut to size and secure it in place with nails.

Hang Your Hat (or Coat) ~ Give an old TV cabinet or china hutch a new purpose as an entryway organizer. To create this piece, we removed the doors and added hooks along the back of the hutch, gave the piece a fresh paint job, and added a shelf for extra storage.

Mantel Headboard ~ An old mantel proves to be just the thing for a statement-making headboard. Fill the firebox opening with an upholsterd cushion for extra comfort, and use the top of the surround for displaying favorite finds. Be sure to use the appropriate hardware for securing the heavy mantel to the wall.

Scarf Art ~ Reimagine textiles as wall art by placing scarves inside picture frames. Display coordinating patterns together for an entire gallery of artistic neckware.

Cart It Away ~ An old chicken coop, four casters, and a sheet of glass come together as a fun coffee table for any living room with a flea market vibe. Screw the casters to the bottom and crown the cart with the glass top. Use the inside of the cage to display collectibles, such as pottery, fabric, or old books.

On a Roll ~ Scope out old dresser drawers to repurpose as another kind of bedroom storage. By attaching casters to the bottoms of the drawers, you’ll have a set of underbed storage units, making the space beneath the bed good for more than just dust bunnies.


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