15 Themed Easter Baskets for Kiddos of All Ages

{Jelly beans, eggs, chocolate bunnies and Peeps are pretty much the norm in most Easter baskets, but what if you want yours to be more than candy? Something that will be meaningful and inspiring to your child’s interests. Here are some ideas for themed Easter baskets ~ use your imagination to fill those baskets. AND REMEMBER Easter is not just about the candy and surprises ~ it’s a day to remember Christ’s victory over death, making possible our heavenly adoption. It’s important to keep in mind that we can remember and celebrate his sacrifice and victory with or without Easter Baskets.}

Crayola Color Basket
Choose your child’s favorite color and look for books, pencils, notepads, candies etc. that are all in favorite color…..

Book Basket (use a book bag instead of a basket)
A new book/s, book light, bookmarks, coupon for trip to bookstore/library, kindle or e-reader, kindle gift card for new books, audio book…..

Pool/Beach Basket (use a beach bag or beach towel instead of a basket)
Swim suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach ball, beach towel, flip flops, Waterproof Single Use Camera, pool toys…..

Science Basket (use bug catcher instead of a basket)
Magnifying Lens, Bug Barn, Science Kit, Thermometer, notebook, pencils, A Bag of Bugs, Science magazine subscription, Magnets……..

Resurrection Basket
New Bible, Kid’s Bible or Graphic Bible, Bible Stories Books, Kid’s Devotional, What’s in the Bible DVD, Bible Cartoons DVD, Religious Craft Kit, Cross jewelry……

Baker’s Basket (use a cake/bread pan instead of a basket)
Cookie cutters, recipe box and cards,recipe book, rolling pin, apron, measuring cups & spoons, sprinkles, cupcake papers, Cake Decorating Kit, spatulas…….

Baby/Toddler Basket
Rattles, board books, educational videos, toys, rubber ducky, animal crackers, plush toys, tippy cups….

Cars Basket
Matchbox cars, Race track, checkered flags, Matchbox Car Storage Case, Cars Movie

Crafter’s Basket
Water paints & brushes, crayons & markers, Chalk, coloring books, glue, glitter, Fancy Scissors, stickers, stamps/ink pads, stencils, art/scrapbook papers, drawing pencils, Kid’s Art Idea Book

Girly Basket (use a purse, bag, or trunk instead of a basket)
Hair accessories, brushes & combs, nail polish, lip stick/lip gloss (or chap stick), make up, perfume, lotion, hand sanitizer, bubble bath & bath scrubby, jewelry……

Boy Basket (use a hat or bucket instead of a basket)
Marbles, bouncy balls, spray string, watch, action figures, pocket knife, hammer and nails, other tools, flashlight or Headlamp, ear phones….

Sport Themes
Sports Magazines, sport movies, balls, equipment, t shirts, ball cards……

Old Fashioned Toys Basket
Board games, jump rope, slinky, dominoes, silly putty, YoYo, puzzles. comic books, old fashioned candies….

Teen Basket
Movie tickets, Itunes gift card, key chain, scratch off tickets, Restaurant gift cards, gas gift cards, kindle or iPad…..

Lego Basket
Legos, Lego kits, The LEGO Movie, Candy blocks….


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