Upcycled Outdoor Craft Ideas: 5 Creative Planters

While plain terracotta can diminish the beauty of spring blooms, these unique DIY planters, made with common household castoffs, will help your buds shine. See for yourself and then learn how to turn virtually anything into a verdant vessel.

Oh, Baby!
Who knew that those little jars that once contained stewed carrots and pureed peaches could make such a dramatic presentation? Laura, the blogger behind Make Life Lovely, that’s who. She affixed nine jars to a castoff board with plumbing clamps to hold snipped buds, but it’d be just as easy to plant them with succulents for a longer lasting display. Get the tutorial at Make Life Lovely

A Steel Steal
The blogger behind Nina’s Apartment knows that flea-market finds are often the best fodder for an old-is-new craft project. When searching for an antique tin to mimic this pansy planter, remember that a bit of rust only adds to the charm — and a cleaner metal box will eventually discolor with regular watering. Get the tutorial at Nina’s Apartment

Dressed to the Nines
You won’t mind if your drawers runneth over when they’re flourishing with flowers and herbs. Karen from Somewhat Quirky painted and planted (and carefully counter-balanced) an old dresser she rescued for a cool $5. Get the tutorial at Somewhat Quirky Design

In the Hot Seat
An unwanted dining chair can live in the lap of luxury once more with this treatment from Sew Caroline. Add a coir-lined basket in place of the seat, top with a couple coats of brightly colored paint, and you’ve got a porch-worthy perch of a planter. Get the tutorial at Sew Caroline

Just Soup-er
The next time you crank open a can of veggies, take a second to consider the container. With a little twine and whatever art supplies you have handy, it might just make for a novel hanging indoor planter like the ones seen on Red Brolly. Get the tutorial at Red Brolly

Reinventing the Wheel
Old tires languishing in the backyard may often be seen as a sign of neglect. But that’s not the case with the Greenhills’ garden, where tired treads are transformed into colorful, raised garden beds for tomatoes, squash, and more. Get the tutorial at the Loopy Life

Give Plants the Boot
These well-worn boots had holes in their soles — not great for rain, put perfect for planting! The owner poked some more to create extra drainage before adding soil and primroses. Get the tutorial at Kittenhood

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