Clever Decor Ideas For Small Patios

Even if your outdoor space is tiny, it’s still possible to create a stylish, welcoming patio you’ll love to spend time in. From creating privacy and adding mood lighting to choosing furniture you love, here are 11 ideas from our friends at Houzz to transform your patio.

Decked Out
You don’t have to live with a crummy patio floor anymore: These easy-to-install wooden tiles can be snapped into place quickly and taken up if you move.

Chic Seats
If you can only fit a chair or two, make sure they make an impression. Here, mod white chairs mingle with ceramic garden stools and potted succulents for a fresh, fun look. Soften the edges of a tiny patio with curvaceous pots and tall greenery.

Secret Garden
An arched trellis can provide privacy, even if you live in a city with tall buildings. Sitting hidden beneath green vines, you’ll hardly remember you have neighbors.

Zen Retreat
A simple wood-slat trellis and minimalist furniture create a peaceful space to unwind. Choose smooth river stones as mulch and one meaningful sculpture or icon.

Detail Oriented
Map out your patio space on paper before making any changes—you may realize you can fit more than you thought. In this small space, the designer squeezed in a grill, a dining area, and built-in planters.

Raise the Roof
Have a rooftop patio? Take advantage of vertical space by planting tall trees in large planters. The visual lift will make your rooftop feel like a real destination.

Light It Up
An outdoor space feels bigger and more welcoming when it’s well lit. Try adding landscape lighting to the plantings in the corners of your patio to draw the eye all the way to the edges of the space.

Go Solo
Forget sharing: Make your patio all about you. Place one lounge chair lengthwise, plump it up with comfy pillows, roll out a simple mat beside it and finish the area with a few potted plants.

Off the Wall
Wall-mounted planters add extra green when floor space is at a premium. A slender console table is another smart addition to this patio, providing space for candles, watering supplies and extra seating tucked underneath.

Privacy Please
Cable wires mounted between fence posts create a sturdy support for climbing plants. Over time the plants will fill in the area, providing privacy for your patio.

Water Works
A wall fountain helps mask street noise and chatter from neighbors, while providing a beautiful focal point you can enjoy indoors or out.

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