American Flag Cupcakes

So if you have people around you like I do that like different cupcake flavors, what do you do? It seems that the last few years my “Flag” cupcakes have been a hit so why change up a good thing! Is it time consuming, YES but it is well worth it to see everyone get so excited about the different variety of cake options available. Here is my completed flag (of course I bring along the extra cupcakes to replenish as needed BUT once they are gone, they are gone).

So here’s the low down.

The Red cakes are vanilla cake with cherry pie filling on top. Sound crazy? These are truly a favorite ~ simple, cute and yummy! (also good with angel food cake)

The White cakes are Strawberry cake with vanilla icing and blue sugar sprinkles. Always a kid favorite.

The blue ones are Jello Cake ~ white cake with blue raspberry jello and whipped cream dyed blue. Sound hard to do, it really is as easy as making a regular full size cake. Just make the jello as package directions state BUT DON’T Refrigerate. Make the cupcakes like you normally would also. Once the cakes are done, poke random holes in the cupcakes using a straw and then pour the jello over each cake and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (mine sat over night). Then drop a few drops of blue food coloring into the whipped topping stir until you get the desired blue and spread over each one. Viola!

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