Amazing Upcylced Before-and-After ans Just Spruced Up Furniture Makeovers

If you’re a stay at home mom (or dad) and even if you aren’t, the kids are back in school doing their thing so now is the time to do your thing! When the season change I am also ready to re-decorate or get crafty so that I can mix things up in my home to reflect the changes occurring outside.

We all have CRAP that we don’t use or don’t want but don’t disregard new functions for these things. Everything can get a new life, heck even we change hair styles, clothing, etc asseason change so why not our home decor? For these ideas you can hit up your local thrift stores, look around your own home for unused and unwanted furniture, or even hit up some late garage sales for out-dated furniture and turn them into these very useful and clever items for your home!

Before: Six-Sided Sadness~ Lurking in basements everywhere, these wood hexagon side tables were a staple of 70s decor, but are now relegated to dusty corners and thrift store selling floors. Are they beyond redemption? Hardly. Click to the next slide to see why.

After: Thoroughly Modern Pouf ~ A fresh coat of paint and a fun upholstered topper are the secrets to this piece’s revival. First, sand, clean, and prime the table. Then, cut 1/2-inch-thick plywood to measure 1/2 inch smaller on all sides than the tabletop. Next, cut four layers of batting to match plywood top. Cut a fifth layer of batting and one of fabric, both 3 inches wider on all sides than the plywood. Stack four batting layers on the fifth; center plywood on top. Pull batting around the plywood; staple on back. Repeat with fabric layer. Place cushion on table; screw through underside of table to attach pouf. As an added bonus, give the tired hardware a fresh outlook with glossy paint.

Winning Bins ~ If Spring Cleaning calls for finding new homes for strewn-about clutter, then you have to check out The DIY Village’s wheeled carts from castoff crates. (Whether you want to sample new wines or ask the liquor storeowner for empty boxes is your choice.)

Before: Entertainment Center ~ With the advent of flat screen TVs and digital streaming, the need for bulky TVs and stacks of tapes and DVDs has also gone by the wayside, leaving imposing entertainment centers collecting dust. But with plenty of built-in storage, these gems can find a new purpose elsewhere.

After: Entryway Organizer ~ Equip an entertainment center for entryway organization. Remove doors to create open shelves. If the backing is beat up and flimsy, replace it with a new board. Paint the unit (use a bright color for the interior for extra style points). Hang a 1×4 inside and attach coat hooks to it. Add a boot tray to catch dirt. Equip shelves with baskets for storing seasonal items such as scarves, flip-flops, and sports gear. Mark them with tags. Transform a side wall into a message center with dry-erase paint. Hang a wall pocket file for important papers and attach a key rack.

Surface Spruce-Up ~ Sometimes, all an old piece of furniture needs is a new paint job. The creative force behind In My Own Style gave this hand-me-down sideboard a special glazed-distressed finish in a lively turquoise hue, using homemade chalk paint.

Before: Shapely, Yet Drab ~ If dark and heavy finishes aren’t your style, but you love the shape of a piece, a coat of paint and easy embellishments will make it sing your tune.

After: Bright and Fun ~ White paint gave this coffee table its fresh face and simple decoupage elevates it to one-of-a-kind status. To get the look, fit sheets of scrapbook paper (we used a lace motif) to the tabletop, cutting as needed. Remove the paper and number the backs to remember the positioning. Working in small sections, apply decoupage medium to the tabletop. Adhere one sheet of paper. Apply decoupage medium on top and repeat with the rest of the paper. After the paper is adhered, apply two coats of decoupage medium, letting dry between coats.

A Reel Welcome ~ This adorable wreath on your front door is a definite flow, er, show stopper. And it took the blogger behind Create.Craft.Love a mere 10 minutes to pull it together from a garden hose that cost just $7.

Before: Tired Design ~ You loved that iron headboard at the time, but is it ready for an update? Rather than starting from scratch, cover it up with an upholstered cover.

After: Refreshed and Invigorated ~ An upholstered plywood board softens the look of this old iron headboard. What’s the project’s secret to success? Steel straps, used for supporting conduit and pipe, a common hardware store supply.

A Warm Bed ~ Serious salvagers and dedicated DIYers, take note: With a little guidance from the visionary at, you, too, can turn a reclaimed fireplace surround into a stately headboard.


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