Back To School Organizing: Simple DIY Weekend Projects

Whether you need to organize all the things the kids are bringing home, their jackets and backpacks, supplies, etc or you just need to find a purpose for old things, you can organize on the cheap and keep it fun! You may want to create a space where kids want to do homework, read, connect, etc or you may just want/need a change for some new organizational decor using unusual things! Getting organized doesn’t have to cost a fortune, check out these quick and easy DIY projects you can make this weekend without spending a bundle.

What it is: Turn a wall into a storage and work space with just a few add-ons. How to make it: Cover the top half of a blank wall with stick-on cork tiles to create an oversize pinboard. Use colored tape to delineate zones for different purposes. Install a ledge beneath the cork tiles, and add a hanging rail system just below to make the wall of storage complete. For a fun bonus, paint the lower half of the wall with chalkboard paint to create a kid-friendly place to draw.

What it is: Magazine pockets for organizing stacks of periodicals. How to make it: Cover a piece of plywood with upholstery-weight fabric. Cut strips of fabric long enough to be wrapped around the board and wide enough to be folded in half lengthwise to create a pocket deep enough to hold magazines; hem as desired. Fold the strips in half lengthwise and wrap around the sides of the board with the folded edge facing downward. Secure the ends of the fabric to the back of the board with staples. Keep the top layer stapled a bit looser than the bottom layer so that the pouch can accommodate a few magazines. Finish the edges with wood trim.

What it is: A chic and inexpensive way to store pencils and pens. How to make it: Use hook-and-loop tape to wrap ordinary paint or soup cans in leftover wallpaper scraps.

What it is: A fits-anywhere organization station to corral essentials near the door. How to make it: Place a divided bin on the wall for organizing gear. Install a few sturdy hooks for bags, hats, and coats. Use smaller hooks to hang large binder clips to organize important papers that you’ll need to grab before leaving the house. Position a large bin or box below the installation as a catchall for other items.

What it is: A shoe organizer that works just as well in the kids room, kitchen or utility room. How to make it: Add three screws to the top of the door and suspend a clear shoe bag from ribbon hangers. Label each pocket with a colored tag and store kitchen tools and supplies.

What it is: A storage-filled, flea market-style coffee table that’s both decorative and practical. How to make it: Create this storage-filled table by topping four vintage produce bins with an old tabletop and resting everything on a plywood slab outfitted with casters.

What it is: A bar-height table with built-in organization made from bookcases and a prefab wood or laminate countertop. How to make it: For a 36-inch-tall table, use 34-inch bookcases and a 2-inch-thick countertop. (Edge-glued wood tops are available in different sizes at big box stores.) The countertop should be the same width as the bookcase. Long countertops will need a center support. Attach the counter to the bookcases using L brackets.


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