Fall Harvest Party Ideas That Everyone Will Envy ~ From Games, Decor, Beverages and Food

Pumpkin Lantern
Triangle eyes and a toothy grin are so last season. Carve pumpkins with Gothic-looking windows to get your party glowing. The simple lanterns are a stylish way to light up each party station. Keep an extra stash of candles on hand to ensure they stay bright well into the night.

Apple Cider
There’s one thing every fall party needs: apple cider. Spice up your go-to recipe with fruit slices, cardamom pods, and cloves — the three make an irresistable combination!

Smoky Cheese Balls
Shh! Sometimes it’s OK to play with your food. These adorable apple-shape cheese balls one-up any other cheese tray and are so simple to make. Just roll your choice of cheese into a ball — the lumpier the better. After coating the cheese in smoky paprika, press your thumb into the top to create a spot for the stem.

Pumpkin Hunt
Time to put that bucket of painted pumpkins to use — a pumpkin hunt, of course! The easy-to-assemble game is a perfect way to keep the kiddos entertained. Tuck the vibrant minis away in trees, under tables, and all throughout the party site.

Bucket of Pumpkins
No need to break the bank on party decor. An assortment of mini pumpkins is festive, inexpensive, and the perfect excuse to spend a fun day at the patch! Add a little sparkle to the bunch by spraying a few with glitzy gold paint.

Seasonal Brews
Crack open a cold one — fireside! An assortment of seasonal brews nestled on ice lets guests pick and choose which to sip, including hoppy lagers and hard ciders. Check out the local selection next time you hit the store.

Caramel Apples
Plain Jane caramel apples are great and all, but nothing beats a totally decked-out dessert. Dunk your fresh-picked apples in layers of white, dark, and milk chocolate. A final dip in festive sprinkles or chopped nuts completes the sweet take-home treats.

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe
Paper and pens? We’ve got a better idea! Ropes and pumpkins bring an entirely different dimension to tic-tac-toe. Just be sure to pick up pumpkins in both orange and white to separate teams.

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