Go Batty With Grosgrain Ribbon Bats ~ Easiest Projects EVER

The simplest bats ever! Just grab a few yards of black grosgrain ribbon, tie them around anything you desire, add eyes if you wish, and trim the tales to resemble bats. Here are a few ideas to get you started but with the easy decorating idea the skies the limit ~ this is also an easy craft project for the kids that won’t leave a mess that will drive you batty! Have fun creating and post a pic if you wish of your creation.

Party Invites ~ Make 2 hole punches, thread the ribbon though, tie in a knot (the knot will be the body) and hot glue two tiny wiggly eyes.

Decorative Straws ~ Just simply tie the ribbon around a straw in a knot and trim the tales, here pinking shears where used to resemble the scalloped wings.

Treat Bags ~  Make 2 hole punches (here they added 2 bats so you would make 4 holes), thread the ribbon though, and tie in a knot (the knot will be the body).

Decor (these are not the same bats BUT you can do the same with the ones I mentioned) ~ Tie ribbon around branches in any order you wish.

Batty Pumpkin (again not the bats BUT you can add a bat to your pumpkin rather than a bow) ~ Tie ribbon around the stem in a knot and cut the tales to resemble bat wings.

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