No-Fuss Holiday Buffet

Festive Holiday Buffet
Make planning a festive get-together simple with this foolproof plan. Here are ideas for a party that flourishes including decorative vases, handmade crafts, no-fuss foods, and more.For a simple party buffet, serve foods that taste great at room temperature, such as herbed popcorn, nuts, fruits and veggies, and a cheese sampler.

Make a Cheese Platter ~ A tray of cheeses is always a crowd-pleaser. Include a hard cheese, such as Gruyere; a soft cheese, such as Camembert; and a blue cheese so there’s something for everyone. Serve with fruit, crackers, and/or bread.

Display the Sweets ~ Store-bought treats look extra special nestled in a bed of coconut and displayed on stacked cake stands.

Tabletop Snowflakes ~ Snowflakes made from paper napkins are cheap and chic table decor. Use our pattern to simply trace and cut.

Straw Stars ~ Create these festive stars using paper straws to decorate your table, tree, or gifts. Cut the top one-third off of six paper straws to create six short pieces and six long pieces. Bend the long pieces in half, forming V shapes. Hot-glue a short piece in the center of each V, forming W shapes. Lay the straws in a circle, folded ends together, to form a star. Cut two circles from cardstock and glue together. Hot-glue the circles to the center of the star. If desired, add a ribbon hanging loop.

Glitter Vase ~ Transform a simple glass vase into a glitzy centerpiece. Dilute glue with water and brush onto the outside of a vase. Add clear glitter all over; let dry. Brush on more glue to the lower half of the vase, add medium blue glitter, and let dry. Repeat with dark blue glitter at the bottom of the vase. Seal with a coat of aerosol hair spray.


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