New Year New "Weight" ~ Clean out your "drawers" and get rid of everything you no longer use or need, you will feel so much lighter!

Well it’s too late to get that tax deduction for this years tax year BUT you can start again now for next year! Whether you just need to throw things in the trash, donate or organize your old things, now is the time since it’s cold outside and it’s a new year with a new start! You can donate items to schools, shelters, churches, youth organizations, goodwill, make a burn pile (it is cold outside and what better way to stay warm….have a bonfire, make a shred pile and just plain out trash it. With these ideas in mind, please consider what you are trowing out ~ Remember one’s mans trash is another mans treasure!

Expired coupons ~ We know how hard it can be to let go of a good coupon. But expired, unusable coupons just take up space and make you disorganized. Put them where they belong. And don’t worry–there will be others. Where to Take It: burn pile

Clothes you never wear ~ Rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in two years, and it doesn’t have any strong sentimental value, remove it from your closet. Yes, this includes the sequined crop top you bought on Bourbon Street back in ’04. Where to Take It:goodwill, shelters, seven schools

Stacks of old magazines & newspapers ~ If you’ve got a growing stack of publications that have been gathering dust, it’s time to purge. Consider donating them to your library–that way, they’re still getting use. Where to Take It: burn pile

Rarely used kitchen gadgets ~ Do you really need those pizza scissors? A gadget that saves you three seconds every few months probably isn’t worth the space it takes up in your kitchen. Where to Take It: schools (FACS or home ec teachers, churches, shelters

Pseudo-sentimental stuff ~ There are mementos you treasure and will hold onto forever, and then there are those you don’t throw away out of sheer guilt. Toss them. You probably never look at them anyway. Plus, you have your memories. Where to Take It: goodwill

Expired leftovers ~ You know what we’re talking about–that Petri dish of leftovers from two weeks ago that’s growing in the back of your fridge. We don’t blame you for trying to forget it, but it’s time to face the mold. Where to Take It: trash

Outdated electronics ~ Back in the day, that MuVo mp3 player was top of the line. But now, it sits in an electronics graveyard in the back of your closet. Sell or donate those products you know you’ll never use again. Where to Take It: find a local electrics store that recycles

Abandoned beauty supplies ~ If you’re anything like us, you own a pile of beauty products that failed to live up to their claim. They might have been expensive, but if they didn’t work for you, it’s time to get rid of them. Where to Take It: shelters, trash

Extra buttons ~ How often do you use those extra buttons that come with your sweaters and shirts? Probably rarely, if ever. Granted, when you need them, they’re great to have–but if they’re mostly just taking up space, consider getting rid of them. Where to Take It: schools (FACS or home ec teachers), churches and youth organizations to use for crafts

Old files & personal documents ~ Sure, you should keep good records and hold on to things like pay stubs and tax documents–for a certain amount of time. Research how long you should hold onto your personal files, then shred the ones you can toss. Where to Take It: burn, shred

Neglected projects ~ You wanted to follow through, but you just never finished that homemade chandelier, and now it’s been sitting in the corner for three months. Say goodbye, and move on. It’s not good for the psyche to keep abandoned, dust-collecting projects around. Where to Take It: goodwill, shelters, youth organizations and churches for craft projects

Once your done, I’m sure you will feel much lighter!


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