6 Easter Basket Ideas That Are Easy, Fun, and Creative For Any Age ~ Young Kiddos, Adults, Teachers, etc

Turn an Egg Carton into an Easter Basket
The Crafting Chicks offer an ingenious way to recycle egg cartons in this Easter basket idea. Pour candies straight into carton cups (opened plastic eggs contain smaller sweets) and close the lid. Kids will love opening it up to find their surprise.

Convert a Mason Jar into an Easter Basket
Do like Nest of Posies and fill a mason jar with chocolate eggs, or small toys and candy. Add some fun trim and enjoy.

Turn a Wooden Box into an Easter Basket

Celebrate spring with this garden-themed Easter basket idea from Design Mom, who painted an old wine crate and filled it with seeds, small plants, mini tools, and a few simple toys. Take the kids outdoors with their new baskets, and get planting.

Make Plastic Eggs Your Easter Basket
If your kid would rather get crafty than eat candy, try your own version of this Easter basket idea from Modern Parents Messy Kids. Fill plastic eggs with various colored beads and string, and place inside eggs to inspire creativity.

Make it a Breakfast Easter Basket
The amazing brains over at 100 Layer Cake-let wanted to feel good about Easter sweets stashed in their kids’ baskets. The result: wholesome treats like popcorn, dried and fresh fruits, and wholegrain muffins made for a special breakfast spread that the kids could devour as soon as they woke up.

Let Grass Grow in Your Easter Basket
Grow your own basket greenery (instead of buying the bagged stuff) with this idea from Zakka Life. Line a basket with plastic wrap, add soil and grass seeds, and place in the sun. Wait a week, and you’ll have an all-natural Easter basket that can double as a dinner table centerpiece.


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