Completely Genius Trash-to-Treasure Crafts

A broom’s straw-like texture and neutral coloring makes it a great decorative element for a rustic-themed room. This pencil holder is more homey and helpful than the uninspired, angular cups you’d find at an office supply store.

Yes, even this piece of rubber can find a place in your home that’s not the garage. You’ve probably seen hanging tire planters, but this DIY morphs their utiliarian structure into something truly unrecognizeable.

You might be ready for new furniture, but don’t drag your hulking wall unit to the curb quite yet. Instead, create a faux cooking space for your kids. This one’s much more special than anything you’d find at a store — and you can even treat them to a stainless steel fridge!

This tiny item has cute scrolly lines, but man-cave appeal.Dressed up in pastel hues and girlie prints, notches meant to hold fishing gear are also perfect for hanging sunglasses next to your vanity.

After years of birthdays, your cake pans won’t be as pristine as this one. But that’s no reason to toss them. Before you ditch bakeware that’s seen better days, consider creating a vintage-style display like this one.

This blogger proves that deconstructing a thrifted piece is often the best thing you can do. One of the dresser drawers turned into extra storage that can hold pillows, books, or even kids’ toys at the foot of a bed. The other half became a chic console table.

One might assume that this kitchen accessory’s slats are only fit for slim blades, but a clever blogger had another idea. With the help of a drill (and some bold paint), this knife block gets a second life as a kid-friendly art station.

Unassuming apple boxes are a great blank slate for some DIY-ing.Embrace the ever-present pile in your entryway by creating candy-colored cubbies for everyone’s sneakers and boots. The hanging bins are too fun not to use, and make stowing shoes nearly as easy as kicking them into a corner.

This lucky antique store find would be a beautiful focal point in a bedroom, but the owner had another cool idea.Turned on its side, the elegant piece find becomes an eye-catching space to display blankets and throws.


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