Americana Red, White, and Blue Crafts and Party Decorations ~ Add some Patriotic flair to your home this summer season with these cheap, easy and fun {and of course some DIY} ideas.

Star Garland ~ Fly the nation’s colors on the Fourth with this jaunty string of stars. Just cut out stars from colored paper and attach to twine.
Tissue Fan Firework Medallions ~ An array of circular tissue fans, cut to different sizes, creates a marvelous fireworks effect. Snip the center flat to make room for a festive clip-art medallion.
Fireworks Table Setting ~ Liven up your table by making pom-poms and table runners inspired by fireworks.
Stars and Stripes Paper Cones ~ Any patriotic scrapbook paper will do and filled with a mix of beet and blue-potato chips, or any snack you are serving, this easy-to-make container is something to cheer for.
Sophisticated Stripes ~ This modern nod to luminarias — paper bags with votives inside — updates the look with chic stripes printed onto vellum and wrapped around straight-sided square glass vases.
Flag Cake-Stand Monument ~ Pledge allegiance to this festive flag stand, placed atop a two-tiered cake stand to form a mini-cupcake monument.
Four-Star Dining Decorations ~ Add pizzazz to your Fourth of July party with starry tabletop runners and napkin ties made from red and white paper.
Patriotic Entry ~ An easy addition to the front door, this festive doormat is perfect for last-minute Fourth of July decorating. Add a crock full of flags to add festive flair!
Striped Picnic Table~ Set the table for a whole season of festive cookouts by giving it a new summer coat.
Paper Wind Streamer ~ With little more than an empty oatmeal container, glue, scissors and colored paper, you can create a festive decoration that’s perfect for any patriotic occasion.

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