Eme's Mini Room Re-do ~ Out with the little girl Pink and in with the tween Orange!

So a few years ago we were asked to be on our local Holiday Homes Tour. We said yes and that started a massive re-do and up-do of numerous rooms and “things” in our house before it would be opened to the public for touring. One of the first things on my list was my daughters room, it was purple which we both were sick of and we went Tiffany blue. You can find all the posts from that transformation here.
Fast forward 2 years and she now very much dislikes pink! Her favorite color, currently, is orange. I told her we were NOT re-doing her room again so soon just because she doesn’t want pink in there, so I told her we could incorporate orange but on the cheap. We started looking for a cheap orange mini bed set which we found at Target.com for $30 and then we added MORE lanterns and poms to her ever loved mobile. These were our first steps in adding orange.

I can’t tell you how many lanterns and poms are in this thing because I have lost track but there are at least 30! I Love Love Love Luna Bazzar which is where we get all them. They are cheap and the color choices are amazing. We added orange, cantaloupe, coral and peach.

Like I said we found the mini bedding set which included 1 duvet and 2 shams at Target.com for a mere $29.99, a STEAL for bedding in my book! Since her black/white and white ruffle set are from Pottery Barn, which I scored on Ebay at a fraction of retail. The orange and peach colored toss pillows belonged to my sons girlfriend who had them a garbage bag ready to throw out when I glanced in there and so them, so those fit my re-do budget perfectly….FREE!
And lastly, for this post
~ there will be more revealed as I complete those projects. The tent which is pink BUT a must for her as she uses it for a reading nook. Now, we are Matilda Jane junkies (my budget buster must haves) and we have TONS of the MJ garment bags that I just can’t ever part with. So we tied them together and made bunting however we couldn’t find a place for it so she tied it around her tent to add color and it instantly became her “rope”. Inside her tent in the Big Joe chair, we added an orange pillow that used to be her older brothers pillow case…..we just stuffed a decorative pillow in and tied burlap to secure. She loves it but I think it looks like a pumpkin 😉

Stay tuned for more updates and the complete Mini Room Re-do……….


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