It's August ~ Lets Start Those Back-to-School Resolutions!Great ideas that will keep you and your family orgainzed, happy and TOGETHER!

Conquer back-to-school chaos with resolutions that will help you and your family stay organized and have more fun time together.

We will eat together a few times a week. Sharing a meal is the best time for families to bond. It really matters, research shows family meals and time spent with family during those meals impacts the choices kids make and whether or not they stay out of trouble. If you aren’t able to sit down for a meal every day, try to at least share a snack, lunch at your kids school or even breakfast.

We will know where everyone is and what the heck we’re doing. Keeping track of schedules is a family responsibility — not just Mom’s. Buy a large family calendar at an office supply store and hang it by the door or the breakfast table. Give each member of the family a different-color pad of sticky notes to write down and post their needs on the calendar — practice, rehearsal, getting a ride to the mall, going out with friends. Make updating it a part of your night-before ritual.

We will become a night-before family.
Mornings are hands-down the most chaotic time during the school day. Cut stress by working together the night before.
List everything you and the kids could have ready for the next day ~ tomorrow’s clothes, lunches, shoes, coats ~ and put them in place. Set aside a space by the door where you can each have a night-before bin (shown here).

We will talk. Parents lament that their children never talk to them, but often that’s because they’re not asking very interesting questions. Or because all they do is ask questions, which can feel like badgering. Shift the pressure off them by sharing some details about your day. Make conversation cards (shown here) to share around the supper table. Questions can be anything. Just make sure your queries can’t be answered by the words “yes,” “no,” “fine,” or “whatever.”

We will actually get out of bed in time. Teens especially are at the absolute peak of their ability to sleep late. If you want them to concentrate in school, help them get at least 8 hours of sleep every night by having a strict and consistent bedtime on weeknights. In the morning, instead of going room to room with a police whistle, try a simpler approach, like changing their alarm clock. A clock that runs away might be a fun back-to-school gift. The Clocky alarm clock (shown here) has wheels that let it roll off a table and under the bed once it goes off, forcing kids to get up. $50 at


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