9 Ways to Make Your House Look Haunted

Throw Sheets Over Your Furniture ~ When nobody has lived in a house for years, homeowners will often throw sheets over their furniture to protect the pieces from sun damage and dust. You can do the same, and we guarantee your guests will be totally creeped out. Bonus – it protects your furniture from spills during Halloween parties.

Sprinkle Spanish Moss Over Your Furniture ~ Here’s a cool design idea – sprinkle dried Spanish moss on your furniture to make it look as though nobody has been around for ages. You can buy bags of the filling at craft supply stores.

Place Tombstones on the Floor ~ If a house is haunted, that means a death had to occur in your abode. We’re hoping that hasn’t actually happened to you, so purchase these chalkboard tombstones (our make your own) and customize them with any creative name you think of.

Paint Accessories Black ~ Spray-paint anything and everything in your home black for a dark, sinister vibe. Just make sure you don’t mind the permanent change! You can start small with leaves and vases to add to your spread.

Always Add Bones ~ When in doubt, add some mysterious bones to your decor. We like these filler bones ($19, originally $25) that can be placed anywhere you desire.

Put Spiderwebs Everywhere ~ Spiderwebs are an absolute requirement. Buy packs of webs ($6) and place them in every corner of your home

Incorporate Ravens Into Your Decor ~ We would like to think that ravens are the official birds of haunted houses. What’s even better than ravens? Possessed red-eyed ravens that hang over your room. These string lights ($35) will be the perfect addition to your decor.

Use Lots of Candles ~ Turn off all of your lights and fill your home will tons of tall, skinny candles. The shadows that the dim light will cast give off a spooky vibe. Photo by Rebecca Hansen Weddings via Style Me Pretty

Add Branches to Your Table ~ You will be pleasantly surprised at how chic long, dead branches look laying out on a table or placed in a vase. They give a haunted look while adding interest to just about any surface.


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