Fun, Cute and Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas ~ Get ready to "cut up" with the giggles and grins you will get with these awesome pumpkin carving ideas….from silly skeletons to a pumpkin birthday party, each of these pumpkin carving ideas are sure to delight your Halloween visitors.

If you have a little more time, you’ll have fun pulling together this cool carving idea. Add the bonfire centerpiece to a backyard table or use it as a focal point in front. You’ll need about 10 to 12 pumpkins and flickering candles to make these flames come to life.

Calling all you who have October birthday!!!!!! Let’s spice things up with a Halloween pumpkin birthday party! Download the party pumpkin stencils and carve out the smiling faces on pumpkins. Shape scrapbooking paper into cones, creating a variety of tall and short hats. Use tape to secure the paper in cone shapes and decorate with an assortment of patterned- paper circles. Trim some of the hat edges with paper fringe. Hot-glue the hats to the tops of the pumpkins.

Use a faux or real pumpkin to create this funny pumpkin carving — a gourd invaded by mice! Light yellow spray paint turns this pumpkin into a block of cheese, and drill bits make it easy to create different-size holes.

Aah! Even your pumpkin can get scared by all things spooky this Halloween. Use our pumpkin carving and crafting techniques to create a Halloween pumpkin that looks like it has seen a ghost.

A little bit funny, a little bit spooky, these witch’s legs stand tall with black paint, ribbon, and shallow carving, courtesy of gouging tools. Accent these funny pumpkins with a broomstick for outdoor decor that comes together easily.

Full of big grins and fresh accents, these festive floral designs put a lighthearted twist on Halloween pumpkin carving. Creating them is simpler than it looks: Cut off the top or drill holes to tuck in flowers and branches (cucumber slices, carved potatoes, and ferns make other fun options). Attach other accents with pins, toothpicks, or glue.

If you have multiple carvers in your household, then these silly pumpkin carving ideas are perfect for each of them to create a unique design. This grouping is forgiving of any flaws, with wide grins, big eyes, and goofy expressions.

When it comes to cool pumpkin carving ideas, it doesn’t get much more amazing than a colorful stack decorated with flowers, swirls, and dots. Find three flat-bottom pumpkins in graduated sizes and different colors. Without hollowing them out, use a 3/4-inch hole-saw bit and drill circles in different patterns and shapes. Switch the resulting “plugs” between different pumpkins for extra pops of color, then use a vegetable peeler to etch the swirls. Finally, remove the stems from the two larger pumpkins and stack them. Elevate them on a pedestal, doorstep, or wooden barrel.

Smooth-skin gourds are a great way to add cool pumpkin carving to your decorating repertoire. Choose varieties in distinctive seasonal colors, such as yellows, greens, and reds. To create these luminarias, cut a hole in the side of each gourd large enough for your hand; scrape out the inside. Mark your chosen design on the gourd using a pencil or ballpoint pen. Carve the design with an awl, paring knife, or crafts knife, or use a power drill and different-size bits. Illuminate the gourds with strands of LED lights.

A white Lumina pumpkin works perfectly for this silly, skeleton pumpkin face filled with fall golden flowers. Use this funny pumpkin carving idea for a doorstep decoration or festive centerpiece. To make, cut out large circles for the eyes, a small triangle for the nose, and make a line for the mouth that’s just big enough for light to shine through. Small vertical teeth slits finish this silly skeleton.

A combination of black acrylic paint and carving tools are all it takes to create this Halloween pumpkin. After the crow is cut out and the windows are gouged, paint the bird black. To set this cool pumpkin carving idea, spray with varnish.


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