"Warm and Fuzzy" Holiday.Winter Crafts For Those Cold Days

Winter Accessories Shadow Box ~ For seasonal wall art, place a pair of mittens and a hat in a large framed shadow box. This quick and easy project is a great way to display favorite winter wearables that have been outgrown or replaced.

Cozy Candleholders ~ DON’T throw out those old, stained or torn sweaters, instead re-purpose them into snuggly sleeves for your holiday votives.
Tree Ornaments ~ Find inspiration from folk art for nostalgic tree ornaments. These ornaments make perfect party favors and can be easily crafted in multiples.
Sparkling Ice Wreath ~ Watch the sun shine through this distinctive ice wreath on bright winter days. When the ice melts, birds will love the treats that had been frozen inside.DIY: Put a custard cup in the center an aluminum pie pan or use a tube-style cake pan. Arrange cranberries, greenery, and pinecones in the pan as desired. Fill with water. Freeze in freezer, or if weather permits, freeze outdoors. Dip the pan in warm water to remove it from the wreath. Loop raffia around the wreath and hang outside on a tree branch.
Mitten Holder ~ A large, bright mitten makes a perfect cookie carrier. Cut two matching mitten shapes from felt. Cut out circles, trimming the edges with pinking shears. Sew circles to a mitten shape and add buttons to the circles. Sew the two mitten shapes together, stitching about 1/2 inch from the outside edges. Sew a ribbon at the top for a hanger. Cut two felt rectangles for the cuff. Stitch them in place. NOTE: Great as a Teacher gift too!

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