Easy Holiday Decorating Tips from Some of My Favorite Bloggers

Style a centerpiece with branches ~ Must-follow bloggers share their signature, seasonal tip. “Tall berry-covered branches bring the wintry outdoors in… and don’t require the skills of a floral designer.” —Camille Styles, camillestyles.com
Go seasonal ~ “When dressing the holiday table, think seasonal rather than holiday-specific. Pair jewel-toned linens with traditional decorative accents such as a miniature pine or rosemary tree. When the style is festive and wintery, you don’t have to worry about taking it down on December 26th!” —Mandy Kellogg Rye, waitingonmartha.com
Create an ornament cluster ~ “Tying the perfect bow on a wreath can be challenging, so opt for a modern ornament cluster instead. Attach a group of ribbons to the hook or the nail at the wreath’s top, then hang ornaments at varying lengths for a simple and stylish look. ” —Kristin Jackon, huntedinterior.com

Find your color story ~ “For holiday decorating, color is key! Sticking to a palette of two to three colors makes decorating easy and the end result looks perfectly put together.” —Kelly Slott, fabulouskstyle.com
Decorate with fresh, seasonal elements ~ “Use seasonal goods such as cinnamon sticks, satsuma oranges, pomegranates, or olive branches to add a festive touch to your holiday dinner place settings. The cinnamon sticks can double as cider stirrers for later in the evening!” —Jacin Fitzgerald, lovelylittledetails.com
Double a party favor as décor ~ “Hang snowflake ornaments with silver ribbon on an outdoor tree or entryway to create a floating winter wonderland. As the event winds down, let each guest choose an ornament on their way out to enjoy as the party favor.” —Krystal Schlegel, krystalschlegel.com

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