Easy and Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Hop to it! These pretty Easter egg dyeing techniques are perfect for the kid in you. From pretty egg coloring ideas to embellishments you can create with all sorts of crafts supplies, these dyeing and decorating ideas ensure you’ll have a very happy Easter.

Pysanky Egg Dyeing
The inspiration for these Easter eggs dying technique comes from Pysanky, the ancient Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye egg decorating. To create these designs, stick metal pins in pencil erasers, dip the pinheads in melted wax, and draw wax patterns on hard-cooked eggs before dyeing them.

Paint-Splattered Easter Eggs
For a modern take on Easter egg decorating, you’ll have to get a little messy. Once your dyed eggs have dried, dip a paintbrush in black paint. Hover the brush over the center of the egg and tap the handle to splatter the paint. Play around with the technique — the harder you tap the brush, the bigger your splatter marks.

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs
You’ll never guess the secret ingredient in this easy egg-dyeing method — it’s food coloring! To give your eggs a fun color and texture, get a paper towel slightly moist with vinegar, then wrap it around an egg, making sure it’s not layered too thick. Gently press food coloring tubes onto the paper towel, using no more than three colors at a time. Let the covered egg sit for a few minutes, then remove the paper towel to reveal your cool creation.

Painted Bunny Easter Eggs
Add fun Easter designs to your dyed eggs using paint. Wait until your eggs are completely dry, then paint a bunny on your egg with crafts paint. If your eggs aren’t fully dry, the paint will blend with the dye and you may need to add multiple layers. Once the paint is dry, add a bit of definition to the shape with pink glitter paint and a permanent marker. Tip: Play around with mixing different dyes to get these bright and fun hues.

No-Fuss Painted Eggs
Anyone can easily re-create this egg design with a bit of paint and a few different brushes. Once your dyed eggs have dried completely, dip a thin-tip brush in one color of paint and add a few dots. Let dry for a few minutes, then rinse your brush to add a different color of paint. Play around with brush size and paint color to create a pretty egg design that will never go out of style.

Banded Egg Design
Create a bold look with graphic stripes on dyed eggs. Wrap eggs with wide rubber bands (the ones often found on broccoli at the supermarket) before dunking them in dye. Wash rubber bands well between uses to avoid transferring dye.

Pretty Banded Easter Eggs
After dyeing Easter eggs, give them a quick and stylish band. Cut a 1/2″-wide strip of patterned paper long enough to wrap around the middle of an egg. Use a border punch on the strip edges for a fun design, and adhere the ends using white glue. Attach an adhesive paper flower to the band for an extra dose of spring cheer.

Sticker Egg Designs
To create these fun and funky Easter egg designs, dye your eggs using an egg dyeing kit (or natural dye). Allow to dry completely. Firmly adhere white stickers around an egg, pressing out any air bubbles.


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