If you live on the cheap (even if you don't) you can create these easy, eye-pleasing ideas to increase your homes Spring.Summer curb appeal for pennies! Who knew you so little could get so much?!?!

Scour flea markets for unique and thrifty finds to add cheer to your front door. An old pail turned planter and child’s chair bring vintage charm and amp up the cottage appeal of this home.

Create an inviting outdoor space by placing a chair on your porch. Don’t worry if that chair isn’t in perfect shape. Thrift store finds or hand-me-down chairs can add charm, and you won’t mind if they get battered by the elements.

Lackluster plastic pots have no place on your porch. For a quick and cute style upgrade, cover each pot with one yard of burlap and fold it as if wrapping a gift. Add your own dots with metallic paint and a stencil pouncer. A few dabs of hot glue will hold the burlap in place.

Sometimes all you need to spiff up your home is a bit of elbow grease and a few colorful accents. Sweep porch floors to get rid of tracked-in dirt and windblown debris. Wipe down outdoor furniture, and clean the glass in your exterior lights. Take cues from Mother Nature and add pillows in the reds and oranges of summer sunsets. You’ll be more apt to sit on your porch and enjoy the warm night air if you do!

Go for the bold by painting your house numbers right on your front door. All you need is leftover paint, a number stencil from the crafts store, and a steady hand. Pick a paint color that contrasts with your door for ultimate standout appeal.


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