Be Unique When You Decorate Your Home for Fall ~ Get out of the traditional fall decor box and use things that inspire you, that you love and that match your current decor…you'll be surprised how much you love the unique look and so will your family and friends!

Be Unique ~ You don’t have to stick to the traditional fall colors when you transform your house for the fall season. Of course those traditional colors of red, orange, yellow and brown are awesome but think out side the box and spruce up your home by adding seasonal decorating touches using a variety of color. I tried this concept this year and everyone has absolutely LOVED my turquoise pumpkins that of course match my den {click here to see that post}, however here is pic of my den:

The top pic above done in white, ivory and robin eggs blue with burgundy, is front and center, it brings a new twist to the Fall decor scheme, that will get people’s attention. Of course you should continue to use the the traditional fall items to fill your home just mix up the color ~ it makes a great back drop for a Fabulous Fall Party!

Consider these easy changes to your decor in UN-traditioanl fall colors ~ they all still make a cozy fall statement but in non-traditional color schemes!

Here, an ordinary lampshade was replaced with a linen one, incorporating natural texture into an unexpected place and a navy hues throw was added to the chair.

For a subtle and sweet fall accent, tuck a white pumpkin among displayed dishware and other accessories.

Create a laid-back table display using painted gourds. With their irregular shapes and imperfect surfaces, the pale blue painted gourds lend natural texture and visual appeal to this casual dining space.

Place a plaid or houndstooth throw across the end of your bed to add a splash of autumnal appeal, the throw will come in handy during those chilly fall nights.


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