We eat the fruit of our words……so then, what fruit are you eating?

Our words have creative power. Any time we speak something, either good or bad; we give life to what we are saying. Scripture says, “We will eat the fruit of our words.” That means we will get exactly what we’ve been saying, we are prophesying our own future. That’s why it’s so important to send our words out in the direction we want our life to go ~ we can’t talk defeat and expect to have victory, we can’t talk lack and expect to have abundance as we will produce whatever we say.

Are you declaring the blessing of God over your life? Are you speaking His promises? Have you ever noticed that many of His promises are in the past tense? For example, in Ephesians God says, “I have blessed you with every spiritual blessing.” In Colossians He says, “I have made you worthy.” In Psalms He says, “I have surrounded you with favor as a shield.” These are all past tense, like it’s already happened. In order to activate His blessing, we have to come into agreement with what God has already declared about us ~that’s faith!

Maybe we don’t necessarily feel blessed today, a lot of things may be coming against you in your family, finances or health, but that doesn’t change the Word of God. Circumstances don’t change what God says about us, however, what God says about us can change our circumstances ~ we are the deciding factor. Instead of talking about our circumstances, we need to be bold and say, “God, if You say I’m blessed, then I believe I’m blessed! My checkbook may not say I’m blessed. The economy may not say I’m blessed. The medical report may not say I’m blessed. But God, I know You are the ultimate authority, and if You say I’m blessed, then I declare that I am blessed!”

When we get into agreement with God like that which is in our thoughts, words and actions, it opens supernatural doors and sets the blessing in motion. It allows Him to release the promises that already have our name on them! We can pull it out of the unseen spiritual realm over into the physical, seen realm, that’s what the Bible means when it says, “God speaks of nonexistent things as if they already existed.”

I want to live the abundant, blessed, joy-filled life that Jesus came to give us and we have to understand that the power of our words is a major key. We need to begin to declare God’s blessing in every area of our life so that we can live the abundant, blessed joy-filled life that He has in store for us!


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