Simple, Easy, & Cheap Christmas Projects

Peppermint Candy Christmas Wreath
Looking for a Christmas craft to make as a family? Try this sweet peppermint candy wreath! Glue flat peppermints (you’ll need about 250 for a 10-inch wreath) in close, neat rows to a white foam wreath. Glue small cinnamon candies in the gaps. Add a ribbon and hang on the front door, a doorknob, or wall peg.

FA-LA-LA Garland
Make your fireplace or a blank wall sing with these homemade ornaments. Trace the outside of different-size embroidery hoops onto a roll of canvas. Cut out the circles and paint each with green chalkboard paint; let dry. Place the painted circles in the hoops and add hanging ribbon. Use chalk to write a festive refrain.

Chalkboard Phrase Decoration
Bring festive cheer to your home with a playful message written in chalk. Simply paint the back of an antique picture frame with black chalkboard paint and write your favorite phrase.

Pinecone Chair Decorations
Bring the beauty of a wintry landscape into your home with pinecones and a blue-silver-and-white palette. Simply brush white paint on the tips of pinecones, glue them to velvet ribbon, and secure to the backs of your dining room chairs with adhesive plastic hooks.

Red-and-Green Ribbon Wall Art
Create easy holiday art by painting nine 12×12-inch artist’s canvases in your favorite Christmas color; let dry. Adhere ribbon in pleasing patterns using glue.

Easy Ribbon Cabinet Flourish
Dress cabinet doors and windows with a flourish of ribbon — a useful, inexpensive Christmas decorating trim to keep on hand. Crisscross lengths of ribbon inside a glass pane, stretching from corner to corner. Tape or tack ribbon in place, and adhere a paper medallion where the ribbons cross.


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