Adorable Christmas sweater crafts that transform that Ugly Sweater into a beauty once more!

Arm yourself with an adorable votive wrap made from the cuff of a sweater. Simply fit the arm of the sweater around a votive or vase and cut off the ends about 2 inches longer than the votive or vase. Fold the ends and hot-glue in place. Slip sweater over the votive or vase.

Make a ready-for-the-wall tree design with 16 small embroidery hoops (we used 3-inch-wide hoops) and interesting cuts from a Christmas sweater. Simply place the sweaters inside the hoops, fasten, and trim excess. Lay out in a tree pattern and use removeable adhesive to attach to your wall.

Four supplies and five minutes are all you need to make an adorable scarf wreath. Simply wrap a wool scarf around a foam or straw wreath form, pinning it in place as you go. Pin your final wrap and hang with ribbon. A sprig of spruce and cozy star decoration are optional add-ons.

What stool wouldn’t appreciate some leg warmers? To make, measure the legs of your stool and trim arms of a sweater to match. Cut the arms in half lengthwise and sew a seam in each to create the legs. Turn inside out and fold down 1 inch on each end of the arms. Sew hem to create a finished edge. Turn right side out and pull the arms onto the stool legs.

Cover a plain-Jane cardboard star (available at crafts stores) with a wool sweater. Trim the sweater slightly larger than the star and hot-glue the sweater edges to the back. A bit of embroidery floss makes a nice hanging loop.

Santa will love tucking toys into a soft and sweet sweater stocking. Get the free pattern and instructions in the download, below.


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