New Year, New Idea ~ Cheap and Easy Home Fixes…..January is the best month to clean out, to start fresh and organize your home.

Cheap and Easy Seasonal Home Fixes ~ Whether you are spring cleaning and updating or getting ready for the Holidays, here are some cheap and easy ideas from corralling kids’ toys to sprucing up your decor ~ these ideas will show you how to get your home looking company-ready in no time with some quick household spruce-ups.

Trouble Spot: Toy Explosion
Toys, like dust bunnies, seem to multiply when you’re not looking. This is particularly true during the holidays, when children have lots of time on their hands to play with new toys and rediscover old ones.
Fast fix: Designate labeled areas in your mudroom or children’s bedrooms for toys, and encourage kids to clean up every day before bedtime. Create a chart that rewards each day’s good work with a star.

Trouble Spot: Tired Room
Ready for a new look this season but don’t have the time or budget for large-scale redecorating?
Fast fix: Give your room a colorful jolt of visual interest by covering an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or a bold paint color.

Trouble Spot: Unseasonal Room
If adding paint or wallpaper seems too extreme or time-consuming, you can still give a tired, unseasonal room a new look by switching out decor and accessories.
Fast fix: Choose a color-coordinated selection of pillows, throws, rugs, and lampshades to enliven your space in a jiffy. Having a hard time choosing a color palette? Take a look in your closet to see which colors and patterns you wear most. Chances are that if you love to wear certain colors, you’ll be happy’ living with them, too.

Trouble Spot: Old Furniture
If your upholstered furniture has seen better days but is still comfy and sturdy, you might be reluctant to give it up — even if it is dragging down your decor.
Fast fix: Give old furnishings a face-lift with a few yards of new fabric. The results are much more economical and eco-friendly than purchasing brand-new furnishings. Plus, reupholstering is easier than it sounds.

Trouble Spot: Worn out and Out datedFurniture
Although reupholstering is a manageable furniture update, it might be a little daunting for nonsewers.
Fast fix: Instead, opt for simple slipcovers to revitalize worn-out furniture or coordinate mismatched pieces. Less time-consuming, less costly, and more adaptable than new upholstery, slipcovers provide an instant style update and can create a fresh face for your room from season to season.

Trouble Spot: Dull and Lifeless Entry
It’s challenging to provide a welcoming atmosphere at the front door if your entry is dull and lifeless.
Fast fix: Warm up the floor with a plush rug, and add a chair or a cushioned bench to create a comfy spot to remove boots or shoes. Hang a mirror above the seat for a quick primp and to bounce light around the small area.

Trouble Spot: Boring Entry
Don’t let a tiny or nonexistent entry area stand in the way of keeping your home neat and organized.
Fast fix: If your entry area is too small for furnishings or a coat closet, hang a row of hooks on the wall to collect coats, bags, and scarves. Place a basket below the hooks to corral smaller items such as gloves and keys.

Trouble Spot: Kitchen Chaos
When you’re entertaining a crowd, it’s important for meal prep to be easy and efficient.
Fast fix: Do a quick organization attack on your pantry and tidy kitchen cabinets. Clean out each shelf, discard expired items, and line the shelf with paper before restocking food, serving pieces, and small appliances. Consider labeling shelves to make it easy for guests to help with prep and cleanup after meals.

Trouble Spot: Outdated Bathroom
You don’t want overnight guests to be turned off by a not-so-great bathroom.
Fast fix: Give your guest bath or powder room a face-lift with a new faucet, towel bars, cabinet hardware, mirror, and robe hooks. If space permits, add a convenient wall rack for towels, and freshen the whole room with a vase of flowers.

Trouble Spot: Tired Bathroom
Time and budget constraints often become a concern but don’t let that stand in the way of giving a tired bathroom a fresh look.
Fast fix: Let new linens do the heavy lifting in a modest bath face-lift. Hang a new, patterned shower curtain with a freshly laundered curtain liner. Add color-coordinated towels and a small area rug, and you’ll have a whole new look in no time.


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