Need a Change? Cheap, Quick, Simple Mini Makeovers

Layered Rugs
What’s better than one rug? Two! Layer a smaller rug on top of a larger one to add dimension to a room. In this living room, the smaller rug defines the seating group. This trick works well if you have your eye on a rug that’s a little pricey. If you start with a simple, solid base rug, you can buy a smaller, less expensive rug to add the pattern you crave.

Paint a Plain Shade
Add personality to a bland Roman shade with paint. Map out your design (here, a chevron pattern) with painter’s tape, and use a roller or paintbrush to apply latex paint to the shade. Allow the paint to fully dry before operating the shade.

Bedding Mix
Bedding sets are easy because everything is already pulled together for you. But the overall look can sometimes lack a little pizzazz. Swap out one or two items in your bedding set for something new, such as bright blue shams that pick up on the stripe in your duvet.

Create a Gallery Wall
Gather old frames in various sizes, and paint them with sample jars of latex paint — they’re perfect for small projects like this. Mix and match frame sizes and orientation to create an interesting gallery wall.

Dress a Window
Use a tension rod and leftover fabric to make a simple window treatment. Sew or use iron-on hem tape to create a small rod pocket at the top and hem the bottom. Add decorative trim for extra pizazz.

Switch subjects and take a decorating cue from geography. Frame maps for wall art or decoupage pages from old atlases on a variety of surfaces. Globes also make world-class additions to displays and vignettes.

Chair Backs
For chairs that aren’t pushed up against a wall or tucked into a corner, consider an unexpected treatment for the chair backs. In instances where the backs of chairs are highly visible, such as dining room chairs or armchairs that “float” in a room, a different fabric or a contrasting color adds flair.


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