Real-Home Spring & Easter Decorating Ideas ~ Get inspiration from these awesome displays using flowers, wreaths, banners, even colored eggs ….. all of these can easily turn a plain space into a pretty spring showstopper!

Courtney ( wanted to keep her spring mantel earthy and serene. For her primary decoration, she added moss, butterflies, and dragonflies to a grapevine wreath and hung it from a chipped old window with a piece of muslin. Two moss topiaries flank the wreath along with cute ceramic bunny figurines.
This Easter table decoration couldn’t be cheaper…..trim a bird’s nest fern fronds from your yard (or nab a dozen from the local florist) and display in a wide-mouth glass vase. Beside it, set a bowl of pastel dyed eggs.
This pastel pink-and-blue color scheme is perfect for a pretty Easter table setting. To achieve this look, accent vases and place settings with paper butterflies (find similar ones at crafts or scrapbooking stores) or other symbols that represent spring, such as birds or eggs. Fill small dishes with pink jelly beans and arrange pink napkins on blue plates. Pink hydrangea in a square vase makes for a great centerpiece.

Create a fresh spring bouquet by bundling asparagus stalks around a vase holding pink roses. Place the bouquet in a white dish to form an easy centerpiece. Add to the table decor with a bundle of four asparagus stalks at each place setting to hold a name card.
Fill a rustic watering can with pink tulips, greenery, and pastel blue eggshells for a perfect spring door decoration. tuff the watering can with floral foam to secure the stems. Add picks to blown-out eggshells to secure them as well. When you’re finished creating the arrangement, wire it to your front door and cover the wire with ribbon. To keep flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder, available at floral supply stores.
Lime-green shutters decorate Char’s ( mantel year-round, and they work especially well with her Easter decorations. She lined the mantel with faux grass (available at crafts stores) and added fake carrots, a chick, and an apothecary jar filled with white eggs. She added spring touches to a grapevine wreath with faux forsythia, more artificial carrots, and mossy bunny shapes. The colorful “Happy Easter” bunting is fashioned by attaching white cardstock circles to orange, green, and yellow damask-pattern paper. Vinyl letters attached to the cardstock spell the message. To hang the bunting, Char punched holes on the sides of the squares and tied them together with ribbons, using thumbtacks to attach them to the mantel.
Sprinkle cheery pastels across your Easter table with a festive garden-inspired centerpiece as its star. Attach leaves made from scrapbooking paper to floral wire with hot-glue; attach wire to the stems of tulips and ranunculus. Nestle the blooms in a planter of wheatgrass to finish the centerpiece. Use floral wire and more paper leaves to make a matching DIY napkin ring. Pair with a light pink tablecloth that matches the color scheme. To finish, set out a bowl of candy Easter eggs in corresponding colors.
Give your Easter soiree a healthy dose of spring fever with season-appropriate colors and motifs. Combine vibrant greens and clean whites with the beige-browns found in light-tone woods and leather. Fern-motif stamps make it easy to add a detailed frond to tags and napkins; a gathering of pretty posies under a glass cloche makes an impressive centerpiece.
A two-tier dish with Easter egg-filled nests creates a pretty (and easy to make) centerpiece for your table. Complement the bold colors of the centerpiece with single-color name cards and napkins with an Easter egg pattern.
This easy Easter decoration adds a pop of color to Erin’s ( spring mantel. She found a half-dozen faux Easter eggs in pastel colors and placed them apothecary jars lined with straw to create this pretty spring decoration. Erin kept it simple on the rest of her mantel with neutral decorations, such as mossy green pillar candles, a twig wreath with greenery and white flowers, and a single potted plant
Transform an old picture frame into a seasonal decoration with store-bought colorful flowers. Hot-glue 1- to 3-inch-wide flowers to an old picture frame. These shown are vibrant rafia flowers, but you can use any type of faux flower found at your local crafts store. Braid thick strips of cloth together to use as a hanger or use the raffia.
Beth ( used an intricate footed bowl and pitcher to hold natural items, such as willow branches and a small bird’s nest of tiny faux eggs. Teal bird hooks also rest in the footed bowl and make excellent springtime props. A white ceramic bird sits atop a stack of vintage books, and set behind the bowl and pitcher, a pretty piece of artwork with muted spring colors completes the vignette.
Old kitchen cabinet doors flank a simple black mirror on Myra’s ( spring mantel, which is simply decorated with pink and orange tulips in mason jars, a watering can stacked atop a few books, and word artwork. Cut four 8×12 and four 4×12-inch pieces of patterned paper. Pleat the 8×12 pieces, then pinch in the center and fold in half. Hot-glue the edges together to form a fan. Pleat the 4×12 pieces, and glue them to the fan shapes to complete the circles. Using a die-cut machine or decorative scissors, cut four circles from white cardstock. Mat them with cardstock and then cut in a circle. Use a stencil or die-cutting tool to make colorful letters to spell your message. Punch holes in the circles, string together with twine, and hang.
A bright blue wicker basket filled with white tulips is a welcome sign of spring that will complement any door. Simply choose a basket with a flat side so it will lay flat against your door, then fill with white tulips (placed in lightweight cups of water), grass, and a tiny bird’s nest filled with cracked eggshells. For a final touch, add a band of ribbon around the bottom of the basket. Tie a pretty bow in front and on top of the handle to hang.
Jenny ( reused the colorful fabric strip garland that adorned her mantel for Valentine’s Day and added plastic eggs for Easter. She made topiaries from moss bunnies and plastic eggs, securing them to colorful buckets with florist’s foam. A basket with faux grass and plastic eggs anchors one side of the mantel, and wooden bunnies, handmade by Jenny’s grandmother, are a sentimental addition to her mantel decorations.
Get a unique Easter/Spring wreath made from rolled scrapbooking paper. Select several sheets of patterned scrapbooking paper in pastel colors (we chose yellow and teal for ours!). Cut the paper into 2- to 6-inch squares, then roll (with one corner sticking out the top) to mimic petals; tape or glue each roll to secure. Starting around the outer edge, hot-glue the rolled squares to a large wreath-size circle. Continue gluing squares, working in a circular pattern, until you’ve reached the middle. Tip: Use large squares around the edges and small squares as you get closer to the middle.
An easy spray-paint technique transforms basic terra-cotta pots into Easter table decorations worthy of your best crop of daffodils.
In place of traditional bunnies, try a stylish bird theme for your Easter table. Light blue plates complement pink gingham place mats; break up the color palette with lacy-edge white napkins. A nest of dried moss inside a birdcage becomes an easy centerpiece — accent it with pink blossoms (in florist’s water picks) and pink gingham ribbon to match the place setting.

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